Yarn Poo

i will keep this entry brief.

suffice it to say, it has now become necessary to make sure all my yarn is tucked away and not strewn all over my apartment because sherlock -- sherlock featured here

has taken to eating it.

and yarn is not digestible.



  1. I cannot leave plastic bags unattended in my apartment because a certain Fred will have eaten half before I return. Why do cats like yarn and plastic? I am actually grateful that I can see the evidence that plastic is non-digestible because whew, I am not killing Fred slowly, one bag at a time.

  2. yes, it *is* good that you are not slowly killing fred.

    i'm glad (sorta) that i discovered sherlock's um, stuff, before it was too late. but seriously, eww. that is *not* the piece of yarn you want to find on your livingroom floor...

    thanks for your comment, as always!

  3. You know, that cat looks almost exactly like my old cat. :( She was beautiful!


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