Bizarre Break-Up Advice

having never quite gone through a break-up like this, i feel a bit out of my league.

and so i have been wondering how normal people handle normal break-ups, and decided to google it.

i was very surprised to discover that many sources found it necessary to remind people to bathe. is bathing really something that becomes optional? at what point? do people really become too depressed to shower?

do these people work?

coworkerA: *sniff, sniff* what's that smell?

coworkerB: oh, that's kristy.

coworkerA: kristy? geez, that's an awfully foul smell for a person. are you sure?

coworkerB: yes, i hear she is going through a breakup.

coworkerA: ohhhh...but didn't she read the internet?

coworkerB: apparently not.

coworkerA: someone should tell HR.


  1. If it is any consolation, you smell just fine to me ;)

  2. thanks, laurie.

    so far, so good!

    (*bursts into tears about having to bring home toiletries from TheBoy's place*)

  3. I'll go pick up your toiletries for you, if it helps ... or just buy you some new ones. Facing reality is one thing, but you don't need to torture yourself when you've got friends around you can torture instead.

  4. thanks, nikole.


    actually, i meant that yesterday i grabbed my stuff from his place when i left (*sniffle*) and one of them was deoderant (because even though i'm a mess i'm still showering and deodorizing) and so even the dumbest things are still making me *sniffle* hopelessly sad.

    but if you want to go over there and stick your tongue out at him and tell him he's the dumbest boy EVER, that would be okay.

    take pictures.

  5. Kristy, reading your site has given me some new insights...I never would have thought to google methods of dealing with breakups. I suspect that there are few men worthy of your stunning wit and staggering intellect.

    Time to fix dinner. And later, apparently, I need to bathe. (Thanks for the reminder.)

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