Rub My Belly!

no, not mine.

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this is monster.

he is half of the pair of sweet, loving gray things i get to come home to, and i should be grateful for that. i should also remind myself that i am lucky to be a cat owner, because cats are adorable and sweet and a joy to have in the home.

[uh, nice rug, isn't it? and very expensive. too bad i had to throw it out because of all the secret cat peeing that took place atop it. fucking cats. i swear.]


  1. Awwwww....he's giving birth to a sunbeam!

  2. I have the same exact cat.freak me out!
    earth mother

  3. I love MONSERD! He is gorgeous and if he's gay, I'm sure SweetBoy would eat him all up!

  4. Kiki, you Lilly Clack me up.

    You are so funny. You should write a book.
    Makes me want to get a cat. Except Im allergic. But they have those new cats that are No-allergetic.
    Hypo-allergenic? Or something..

  5. The sun literally shines from his ass! and I'm sure he knows it :D


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