PinkJaime, The Scarf, & Snarky's Hat

i seem to be having more success knitting than with weight loss or boys, so maybe i'll focus on that for a bit.

here is PinkJaime (so named because she wears a lot of pink and even when she isn't, she is cheery in a pink way), who agreed to model my second scarf and first hat.

Image cute scarf!

the scarf turned out pretty well. it's long and thin and fun and frilly. (obviously.)

the hat is a different story.

now with resevoir tip!

yes, it's cute. it's also a gift for my friend, Snarky. above, we see PinkJaime wearing the seam in the front. but the seam is uneven because "seaming" involves "sewing" and no one told me there'd be sewing, either.

additionally, you might notice the Reservoir Tip conveniently poking out from the top of the hat.

i'm sorry, Snarky, but i seem (seam?) to have made you a Condom Hat. happy 30th.

(yes, definitely a condom...)

at least the yarn was way cool. Rowan Plaid:
Image in purples


  1. Condom hats are all the rage! Really! And maybe Howie Mandel will make a comeback LOL. CUTE scarf... hey, I bought the Rowan plaid collection book with all the cool sweater patterns you can make out of Rowan plaid, it's a great pattern book. Then I realized I would need, like, 10 balls of Rowan plaid yarn to cover my behemoth self in a sweater, and that is ... I don't know... like one million dollars. But I do love that yarn.

    OK, just gonna say it one more time... condom hat!

  2. Ok.......NEVER in my life, did I think that i would have my picture posted on the internet.....WEARING A CONDOM HAT! KNOW you're jealous!

  3. I am no stranger to knitting projects gone awry, see:

    "Um, are the sleeves of that baby sweater supposed to be coming out of the neck hole?"
    "ever heard of birth defects? They affect thousands of babies a year. This sweater will fit ... one of them."

    And also:
    "What's that?"
    "It's a mitten."
    "For who, the Incredible Hulk??"
    "Thanks Dad."

    ...and I assure you this is a great hat for a first or second attempt (please don't tell me this is your 37th hat). Next time, knit it in the round and skip the seaming altogether. It's wicked easy.

  4. Wait just a hot second, I think I KNOW PINKJAMIE!! I think I went to middle school with her a thousand years ago in Bellevue...

    Ask her!! (please, and thank you.)

  5. Ok, I'm rereading this post as I'm reading my favorite posts, and I just needed to point out that Laurie was unbelievably psychic in predicting Howie Mandel's career turn. Deal, or No Deal?


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