My "Working" Lunch

i'll bet some of you imaginary internet people thought i would take the opportunity to blog during lunch instead of work.

you are all wrong! ha! don't you feel silly now?

i did NOT blog during lunch.

what? what are you pointing at?
ignore this
that bag? there's nothing in that bag.

especially not new yarn from the yarn store i didn't go to at lunch. nope.


  1. u made best of craigslist..congratz!btw, nice ass.

  2. Get a bigger place to live ASAP. You're going to need it now that you're addicted to yarn shopping.

  3. This is like what I did yesterday, but just not as bad.

    Yesterday, I was soooooo tired from the previous night's, um, festivities, that I had to leave early to "work from home" -- which entailed stopping by ImagiKnit on my way home to buy some Mr. Scarfy-type yarn and some bigger needles.

    Oh, and then once I got home, I read my Knitting For Dummies book.

    Heh. Work from home.

  4. What!? No blogging today? Come'on now, I demand more. Quit working on office projects and blog!



  5. hi. i couldn't comment earlier, so i sent you an email. it isn't creepy, not to worry. i'm just a fellow knit blogger.


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