The New Hipster: The Knitster

you know what i do NOT need right now? reality.

because i was thinking this morning about the self-deprecating way i and Purl and a few others have been bandying about the "spinster" term. and then it occurred to me that OHHOLYCRAPWAITASECOND -- "spinster" is probably derived from something to do with yarn, isn't it?

so i look it up (good move, me) and this is what i discover:

n 1: an elderly unmarried woman [syn: old maid]
2: someone who spins (who twists fibers into threads)
[syn: spinner, thread maker]

which i pretty much had figured out, but never really put together with the fact that "twisting fibers into threads" means making threads FOR TO KNIT. and while we might not be "elderly" i gotta think that back in the days of middle english and spinning tales (rumplestiltskin, anyone?) that "elderly" probably meant "anyone over the age of 26".

and this means that, by very nature of the definition, i actually AM IN EVERY WAY AN ACTUAL SPINSTER and this is really totally NOT OKAY.


but then a dear friend, Mr.QA (of the cubit) reminded me that knitting is certainly gaining in popularity among the hip and trendy.

i mean, consider that target is selling knitting kits. celebs are busting out yarn and needles and writing about it. elementary school kids are learning to knit as part of their curriculum.

and when you have amazingly stylish and beautiful LYSes (that's Local Yarn Stores for those of you who aren't hip enough to use knitting-related acronymns) like these to solicit, you (i) have to start thinking that maybe -- just maybe -- yarnbags and catfood aside, i am actually riding a wave of uber-trendiness.

and maybe that not only makes me way better than being a 'spinster,' it makes me even better than being a hipster. i believe it makes me a knitster.


  1. Spinsters are the new It Girls. Seriously. (Also, I may be on crack.)

    You are definitely Knitster Doofus, that is such a cute term! I love it! I call people Hipster Doofus all the time. But in a nice way.


  2. My post made no sense whatsoever. I left out a crucial sentence or two. I meant to say we should call spinsters with good shoes all Knitster Doofus, off my favorite term, Hipster Doofus. Ahhhh. I need coffee.

  3. I knit. And I am not old. You are awesome! I can't believe it took me so long to find your blog!


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