But Before I Go

just wondering (while working, i swear) is there any way i can get a guy i see on muni to ask me out?

oh come on. he is cute and clearly shy (and by "shy" i really think "shy" not "ignorning me"). he actually turned around to look at me yesterday and then TOTALLY blushed. SO CUTE!

is there hope for a meeting of the pre-people?


  1. Perhaps you can try what worked on me? I had a guy out me out on BART a few years ago. As he was getting off he handed me his business card. On the back it said, "I love your smile. Are you single? Coffee?" He was cute so I called and we ended up dating for a few months before he decided to sell all his things and move to India to "find himself." - OaklandGal

  2. Dear, what is stopping YOU from striking up conversation with HIM?? You're obviously hilarious- just retelling your pre-people theory would be an interesting ice breaker. He'll either love it and follow you off the bus wanting more, or totally not get you and you'll find out quickly that he'd be a waste of your time. WIN WIN. If you've got a cutie blushing, you NEED to at least create an IN for him!

  3. I'm picturing a date going something like this:

    Cute Bus Guy: "Hey, do you want to get some dinner some night this week?"

    You: "Uhm... sure, that'd be great. I'm free tomorrow night."

    CBG: "Great, me too! Would it be easier to pick you up at work or home?"

    You: "Work. My office is right near the ballpark"

    CBG: "Ok, great. The 47 goes by this great fondue place. How about you get on the 5:27 at Townsend and I'll get on at the Harrison stop a few minutes later?"

  4. hello!! did i not tell you i met my gay pseudo-hubby on the bus?

    -el snarkster

  5. thanks for the support, guys. i just need to work up the nerve.

    and dear snarkster, where is he now?

    (lol, at least he's not in INDIA!)

    (i'm working really)

  6. you are funny ,cute and smart,too bad for me you live 300+ miles away


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