Me, Thin

so here it is. what i look like in my smallest version of myself.

for reference, that skirt is a size 5. i remember it like it were yesterday. (except if it WERE yesterday i wouldn't be waxing reminiscent about it on a blog, i'd be outside prancing around in a size 5 skirt.)

10 years ago:
Image hosted by

and before any of you even THINK about lying to me ("you look pretty much the same"), i will have you know i've shown that picture to at least 4 different people who've asked, "who's that?"


  1. You are so pretty! Don't worry, size 5 people have no stamina. It's because they have only six calories not needed by their bodies left over that they can use to fuel their non-essential actions. And six calories isn't even enough energy to walk into a bar. And that is sad.

    You so pretty! :)

  2. you are SO right! i would need more than 6 calories to hold a wine glass for several, at least double 6. (does that mean i can double my size to a 10?)

    thanks, in any case.

  3. Gurrl, I would've been all over you! Not that I wouldn't now, I just don't have the energy and you have a great bf!


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