Puritanical Work Ethic In Full Effect

we totally need to form a club.

i mean, for imaginary internet friends, you guys are awfully thoughtful. and smart. and nice. and like, cool too. we should totally get together for ONE (bwahahahahaha) drink.

(um, also you guys are SO gonna be in trouble when The Man finds out how little work you're doing. because i gotta tell you -- our club isn't really winning any productivity awards.)

so anyway, just wanted to let you know that i love Love LOVE your feedback and if i haven't replied to you yet i swear i will just as soon as i get some work-related stuff done.

no, really.


  1. Hi - I'm a total stranger (in a good way) just stopping in to say how much I enjoy your posts! And that I too spend my time at work...not actually working..but rather posting online :) Just felt like confessing...thanks!

  2. Kristy, Just wanted to let you know your blog has helped me fill my days with much needed non-work at work. And I just miss your smiling face. And you are so funny and a great writer. Keep on bloggin' sista!

  3. YEAH!! What the web footed, fish breathed woman,... errrr Penguingrrl said. ;)


  4. When the cat's away.....My boss is out of town, and I just found your blog today. Love it! Thanks

  5. *snicker* The large dip in the North American economy can be attributed to internet bloggers sharing their bad date stories. I love it! I can see the headlines on all the major dailies now. But yeah, you're right. That axe is going to fall one of these days. Does this mean we'll be seeing less from you, or just that you need to play catch up to satisfy "the MAN"?

  6. I do love your blog and think of you as my imaginary friend *hugs*.this time wasting on the net hits us self employed hardest of all I think*cries*

  7. Hello Kristy

    I just stumbled across your Blog and as a guy Nice blog (wink) (wink)
    and cute as hell pic too. If your that funny ina blog how are you in real life you gotta be a kick in da ass.
    as a shovel kickin turd herder in a small town where the govenator calls home. Hope to see more of yer humor and witt


  8. Just came across your blog and am enjoying it thoroughly. It's good to spend a bit of time with a friendly, funny, cheerful stranger, and we don't have to strain to hear each other as we would in a bar.

  9. I was dorking out on craigslist's best of and somehow ended up with my face stuck to the computer moniter reading your blog. So silly and fun and witty. Damn you people who are wittier than I. Ah well. Thanks for making me giggle daily!

  10. so this is where all the witty people who are too intelligent to waste their (paid) time (actually) working for "The Man" come to play all day. Love it!

  11. As someone who is a non-imaginary friend of K, I can attest that she is even cuter 'n' more funny in real life!

    And I have been getting a kick out of reading all the great, sweet comments on K's blog from y'all.

    Yes, I'll admit it, I am basking in the reflected glow :-)

  12. I followed you from CL and I posted something Friday before realizing it was a past entry. So I'm just going to say again... I think I'm falling in love. It's too bad you're straight! Well, not too bad for you, and The Boys...just me. Anyway...if you decide to have a "SJWAWI" night out drinking...please invite me. I'm actually quite harmless and pretty fun to drink with. (btw my ex was a serial knitter)

  13. you guys are totally making me blush.

    (not that i don't love it, of course.)

    and n~, i'm almost always up for a drink. i think we've established that by now! :)

  14. One of the few good things to come out of CL. Usually I read the "Best Of" with a raised eyebrow and a "THIS is supposed to be witty / entertaining / touching?" look on my face.

    Your entry (and subsequently, your site)? So the exception.

  15. Too fun! I love your blog! I'll have to visit more often... when I'm supposed to be working... like right now...

  16. Another total stranger that is absolutely hooked onto your blog !!! (go K !)

    The fact that there hasn't been a new blog entry since today morning makes me feel like I am having withdrawl symptoms :(

    Isn't it interesting that a whole bunch of your imaginary internetty friends (who, unlike julie, I might add, are in NO WAY b*tches) now have this absolute need to read the minutia of your daily life :)

    So do us all a favor, never mind the MAN and keep on blogging. After all as your other internetty friend "crazy aunt purl" once famously said "I'm in this for the vouyerism folks!"

  17. That's right, DAMN THE MAN. Plus, you doing this instead of working, while entertaining the hell out of me, is like getting back at HIM for making me unemployed. The bastart. Ah sweet revenge through a person I've never met....


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