What Date? (Read: I Want A Dog)

who was on a date tonight? certainly not me. know why? because dates are fun and cute and flirty and fun. and what i was on (for a grand total of an hour-that-felt-like-three) was something excrutiating and pointless and completely ill-conceived.

i have no idea why, either.

in contrast, here is a picture of a great dog (my sister's):
Sully the dog with Hops the cat

so while trying to figure out how something so simple (a date) could be so challenging (why?), it hit me: if i had a dog, i could avoid excruitiating, pointless, ill-conceived non-dates because i would have a dog at home...meaning i wouldn't leave the dog -- the most loyal, most charming, most sweetest thing ever -- at home for just some guy. a dog would force me to raise my standards, a la "is DudeA really worth leaving Spot alone for?"

and i am resigned to believing that 9 out of 10 times the answer would be no.


  1. If you had a dog like your sister's, it might lower your standards...any excuse to get away from the incessant foot chewing!

  2. No! really? Awwwww, man. Here all this time in spinsterville I have been thinking... ok, there are girls out there who go on dates and have fun, and one day you'll have to do that. ARGH.

    OK, also... while a dog is great, I mean I love dogs! cute! cuddle! A battery opeated device is just as, um, satisfying and also much cheaper in the long run.

    Your cost conscious but non-dating friend,

  3. good point re: batteries...though my collection is already rather obscene (as it were).

    did i not tell you? The Boy works here.

  4. I want a dog, too.

    Yet another reason why we should *still* get married.

  5. Kiki

    "Dogs are God's way of saying 'Don't lower the bar just because you're single'." -Greg Behrendt

    I'm new to your blog...started from the beginning and I'm reading up.

    And I can't get enough. You're BRILLIANT. I'm only in April of 2005 and I can't wait to see what is developing in the months ahead. Blogs like yours are proof to my theory that truth is sooooooooo much more interesting than fiction.

    Rock on!

    Toma =)

  6. Oh your dog is so cute! I'm also a dog-lover Kristy and I'm not having a date tonight but if I do have I will not go either I'd rather sleep at home and have my pet beside me :)

  7. Oh so cute :) I'm a pet lover , i consider may dog as one of my best friend . Every time i have a problem i always feel okay every time i see her.


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