Guess What I Found

now, normally when someone finds something in the bathroom, it's either of a personal nature ("what's that thing?"), a gross nature ("oh look! new mold!"), or both (um, ew).

but it's not like that.

today, as i was getting ready to shower and thus standing naked in front of a mirror, i discovered a waistline.


i mean, i knew i had one, but i also know i have a liver (note to liver: sorry about last night) and it's not like i can see that either. but now, thankfully unlike my liver, my waistline has decided to make an actual appearance.

so i would like to take this opportunity to welcome my Waistline back into my life, and encourage it to stick around.

in fact, i hope that with some careful coaxing, my Waistline might gain some confidence and become more outspoken. and maybe if i'm lucky, my Waistline will bring its friends, ThinFace, NoticeableCollarbone and TightAss to the party this summer.

here's hoping.


  1. That's very exciting! You didn't happen to see mine laying around, did you? I seem to have misplaced it.

  2. yay! congratulations!

    bitch. (said with love, like always)

  3. Why is it that we always look for the collar bone? Crazy... but great news for you!


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