Um, And Then A Rock Band Asked Me To Dinner

a girl can use a little ego boosting now and again. obviously.

so on my way home from the gym the other night, i am stopped by three young, attractive men who ask me "do you live around here?"

this in itself is not ego-boosting. i live on the cusp of a frou-frou neighborhood and a near-ghetto...and this was on the ghetto-i-er side of things.

which meant i was tempted to ask, "do i LOOK like i live around here?" all huffy-like, but realized that -- in my cat-hair-covered too-big yoga pants and my fleece jacket with my post-workout droopy makeup and scraggly ponytail PLUS work bag full of work clothes* -- i had no good reason to take offense.

"yes," i said.

turns out they were from out of town and looking for a restaurant someone had recommended that, as far as my neighborhood knowledge was concerned, didn't exist. i listed several other options, and we eventually all agreed that the greek place next to where they were standing was the safest bet.

at which point G (i'd asked his name, it was gustavo) said, "well, what are you doing for dinner, since you've been so helpful?"

"uh, i just came from the gym. i'm sorta thinking about a shower," i said, horrified. i mean, it was super nice of them to (almost) ask me to dinner, but i was totally thrown for a loop. men on the sidewalk don't usually just ask me to dinner. especially not three men. and especially not when i'm in my gym clothes.

"oh, we hear you. well, we're in a band playing at the Red Devil Lounge tonight..."

he went on to explain who they were and what they were about and what time they went on and encouraged me to stop by.

had it not been a tuesday night two days after the break-up (and had i not been completely freaked out by cute boys talking to me while i'm all scary looking), i might have. the band seems cool, and the drummer was really cute:

never date musicians

sigh. i'm a dork.

*and yarn.


  1. OMG!! Babe-A-Licious!!


  2. there goes your fireman ;0)

  3. Just wanted to tell you that I laughed out loud at least six different times while reading your recent blog entries.

    Blog on, baby!

  4. Everyone knows you ask the fat girls where the best place to eat is.

  5. omg... who said that??? mean

    anyway... isnt that always when you meet cute guys, when you just got out of the gym, or just woke up, or just threw on a pair of sweats to run to the store... well, obviously they thought you were cute!

  6. > well, obviously they thought
    > you were cute!

    Perhaps, but having emerged from the gym, they probably thought she was real, which can be a stronger more attractive quality (and ultimately more important) than just being cute.


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