My Friends Are Way Cooler Than I Am. Still.

so when my amazing friends aren't out defending justice and reporting about it on NPR, they are doing things like being beautiful in commercials.

so in case you are interested in seeing my friend laura be beautiful in commercials (you probably are, seriously), you can click here for a link. play the film. she's the adorable one in the pink sweater, narrating a whole bunch.

see how cool and meaningful and famous people i know are?

yeah. i'll just be going back to drafting my next post on karaoke for the uterous. (yes, you read that correctly. don't ask.)


  1. I'm fasicnated by the concept of in-utero karaoke. So... carry on!

  2. You are way cuter than your friend.

  3. Hi ya ...


    Its really awesome to know that there are other "I weigh more than I'd like to" SBD knitsters in the world. Hi from NY ... From a "I weigh more than I'd like to" SBD knitster.



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