More &#%@!^) Desk Crying

just when you thought it was safe to joke about firemen, all of a sudden it becomes thursday afternoon. and you realize that usually on thursday afternoons at this time you are happily anticipating the day being over so you can go to your favorite wacky dive bar and hang out with your friends*sniffle*...TheBoy.

because that is your thing.

and that has been your thing every week for months.

on thursdays you go to the bar and you drink and play trivia and chat up the regulars and then he arrives and you eventually have dinner and discuss your plans for the weekend.

but now? now you're in some strange, alternate reality, where even though a mere week ago things were normal, this week you are just desperately sad and wonder if you'll ever even hear from him again.

and you know you cannot go do your thing because the whole time you will be subconsciously aware that you are waiting for him to show up. and when he doesn't, you will then have to go home -- alone -- to your cats and your knitting.

and that suddenly isn't funny anymore.


  1. *offers healiing cocktail*

    i love you, sweetie

    -el snarkster

  2. I want to give you healing cocktails too...since I can't I can let you know that you've inspired me to write my own blog (in russian, to try and use it.)(and not nearly as slick looking as yours since I'm new) So far it's just healing pictures of my kitten...

  3. but then on the way home someone bangs into you,you look up and think where do I know you from? then you remember it's the cute fireman from the gym and he is looking for you,yes you! he wants to take you away from all the crap,take you away to a nice supper you dont have to cook...there is hope.promise.
    earth mother

  4. In a word - lame. Sounds very stalkeresque. After all, I do believe you are in your late twenties and not in the seventh grade.

  5. god that sounds exactly like my life...

  6. Look at it this way - at least you have some great new knitwear! :)

  7. Anonymous said...
    In a word - lame. Sounds very stalkeresque. After all, I do believe you are in your late twenties and not in the seventh grade.

    The internet: an entirely new, expansive venue in which the judgemental may pronounce their superior moral worth upon us all.

    Which is cool 'cause shame makes me horny.

  8. yeah, i don't even get what Anonymous is talking about. am i stalking? who am i stalking? my ex? if so, how? by not going to where we usually hang out?

    yes, indeed. i am creepy.


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