Splitsville, or
"How To Not Cry At Your Desk"

i know i haven't really focused my blogging on my relationship other than to reference The Boy as necessary. but since we officially broke up yesterday and i am a complete basketcase, i figured this is as good a place as any to detail my devastation. so i say to you, mystery internet friends who are here for the humor, knitting, and/or weight-loss updates: feel free to ignore these driveling posts.

to the rest of you, i would like to point out that it is not quite 10 a.m. and i have so far burst into tears at my desk three times. i am so professional.

the problem is that nothing i can think of makes me feel better. i do not want to work out. i do not want to think about dating ever again. i do not want to go outside. i do not want to be at work, but i do not want to be alone in my apartment. i also do not want company.

i cannot think of a single thing i want to do other than blog and knit. hopefully, if i can blog enough, i will stay ahead of the crying bouts.


  1. Oh honey...
    He has no idea what he is losing...hang in and remember that the scenery will change...you can't count on that!!!

  2. My nana used to say "there are plenty of fish in the sea, but how many would you want to eat?"... she used to refer to single-dom as "a seafood-free diet".. ha ha. sorry to hear about the loss...grieve it for awhile and let yourself be sad/mad/crazy. take a mental health day. just blog until your fingers fall off or knit a top that will make you feel like a goddess.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about hte pain your feeling from your breakup. I just stumbled across your Blog and I have to say it's rather fun and creative. I've enjoyed reading it. Writing these things is totally theraputic. Not to mention you get a slice of someone elses interesting life.

  4. That sucks. Times like these call for, nay, REQUIRE a dinner of one chocolate chip cookie (large), glazed donut and 7/8 bottle of white wine. AND/OR a night out with girlfriends.


  5. hey, u dont know me...i've just stumbled across ur blog. i'm sorry to hear about ur current romantic state...i've been there, and i realize it hurts.

    i didnt believe neone when they said it hurts a little less every day...the hurt goes away so little at a time that u dont notice it. and then one day, all of a sudden, u realize that you're okay again. part of u will likely always care for the other person, but its different.

    sorry if i got off on a rant there...but here's a quote to finish it off

    I no longer have the fear of being alone. It's cool to find out that you don't need a boyfriend to be happy.
    --Drew Barrymore

  6. Hey.

    I'm sorry.

    I found that drinking doesn't help, but I do it anyway. When my stuff happened, I ordered more cable TV. Then I bought a Dyson. I am not reccommending any of these things, since you don't want to end up like me (a TV-obsessed freak who drinks while vaccuuming) but ... I do hope you find something, somehow, someway, to make you feel better.

    I am so sorry!

    Blog, blog away. Knit like there is no tomorrow. May I suggest a kitty pi?


  7. Only three times before 10? You are fine. You are going to come out of this better than you think.
    As for not wanting to do anything - that is fine too ... as long as it doesn't last a year or so. But please please blog away!

  8. Blogging and Knitting are the cure!


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