But Quirks Are Endearing

this just in from the "Things No One But Me Cares About" newsdesk:

turns out i cannot write marketing copy unless my hair is in a ponytail.


  1. Buster's Mom6:08 PM, April 13, 2005

    Me too.

  2. babe, i can't do anything without my hair being in a ponytail.

    i once had this boyfriend who made me cry so much i had no tears left. and do you know what happens when you have no tears? you cry hair. and your hair falls to the ground. one time you looked like cindy crawford (with the body and face and mole photoshopped out) and now you look like aunt mildred (with the osteoperosis and face and mole photoshopped out).

    wow. that came out a lot more self pitying and melancholy than i expected it to. but your blog is a really nice read on this kinda crappy day. thanks.

  3. I cant photoshop unless my hair is in a pony tail. Sort of like having your "thinking cap on" Makes the blood flow to your brain or sumpin' like that.
    thanks KiKi.
    I can relate.


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