Article Writer Man Replies

you were on the edge of your seat, weren't you?

well, in the most recent installment of Article Writer Man's article writing, he casually mentions the existence of Ms. Article Writer Man. i have to wonder if the timing of this mention has anything to do with his newest stalker (me) and all that.

he did at least send me an email with some kind words. but still, harrumph.

i must revise my assessment:
  • youngish way too old for me

  • single married to a woman who either totally doesn't appreciate him or is really the only reason he's successful

  • gorgeous totally, completely average-looking

  • waiting his whole life to meet me (this one is still totally true because really, who isn't?)

ah, well. guess i'm taking applications for my next internet writer fixation.


  1. There's a DJ at a local (Las Vegas) radio station that I used to have the biggest crush on. Huge. Whenever he would come on the air, I'd turn it up and ask everyone around me to please be quiet*. He was my "radio boyfriend".

    I loved his voice and he was cute. (I know he was cute because I'm lame and went to the radio station's website and found his picture.) And even though he was always doing remote broadcasts at various bars, I never had the courage to go to them. In fact, I'd avoid the area, afraid of making a fool of myself in front on him.

    At least you had the courage to e-mail him.

    * What? I was always nice about it. Anyone who tells you I'd hiss at them to "shut the hell up!" is lying. I swear.

  2. Ericha2@comcast.net9:47 AM, April 27, 2005

    I'm in love with Mark Morford. My boyfriend doesn't know it...but I am. I don't know what Mark looks like, if he's married, and I don't care.

    Mark writes a column for the SF Chronicle twice a week. He is snarky and liberal and smart and wonderful. *sigh* I just love him. If you are a hardcore liberal (and what else would you be, living in SF?) and if you're a fan of Michael Moore and everything Anti-Bush, you should check him out.

  3. No. I won't do it. Way too obvious.

  4. hey ericha:

    back off, bitch. he's mine.


  5. actually, i'd like to add to what i just said.

    i'm a big fan of mark's (we're on a first-name basis, of course)(in my head, whatever), and i've seen a headshot once or twice. definitely cute. despite that he lives with his s/o. (boooo...)

  6. This is nice to read because I've had an imaginary boyfriend for the last four months. Someone who works for my company but at a different location. I talked to him on the phone about 2 months in and I was nervous. I know I turned red. I still have no idea what he looks like. But yesterday we were in a fight because of an email he sent me.

  7. you can have my internet husband to be. he's not really a professional writer, but a prolific one who spends the time that he's supposed to be concerned about patients (read: doctor) using the internet as a tool for his musings. you can reach him at

    by the way, i noted in my own blog that you are a better version of me. i now have a goal in this life. thanks.
    (bluepoint @

  8. Mark Morford is a total hottie. He has published a picture of himself on occasion (lurve). And then a friend of mine was on jury duty (heh, duty) with him one time and just sat and drooled all over him on my behalf for a whole week.

    But, sadly, he's so into his S.O. and their parrot. Sigh.

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