Dear DudeA

oh. my. god.

in my knitting-blogging-self-promotion frenzy, i did not realize that i'd inadvertently encouraged you to visit my site (or even sent you the link).

and after last night, i certainly didn't think you'd actually read it.

but thank you for doing so, and being complimentary, and taking the high road in emailing me and not, say, calling me any of the wicked names i currently deserve.

please note that i think you are a very cute, funny, sweet guy. i don't know what happened. clearly i exaggerated for effect, where i could have just used your far more eloquent phrase, "more miss than hit."

i'm glad you like the knitting.



  1. I only have these words of wisdom for you, from a trusted source of self-promotion:

    "There is no bad PR."
    -- Lizzie Grubman, before being hauled away to the clink after backing up her SUV into like 25 people at a club

  2. Ack, that is so horrible. But perhaps this means you have gotten any bad dating karma out of the way in one fell swoop. Onward and upward (what that might mean in a dating context I am not quite sure)!

  3. hi jennifer! (well, and laurie, but i've said hi to you before...)

    thanks for reading. your blog is adorable, and your 100 things list is inspiring in all the right ways.

    so, ah, when ya' gonna start knittin'? you know you wanna...


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