The Nerve!

this might come as a shock to you (because it has certainly come as a shock to me), but it turns out that when you spend an inordinate amount of time working on your blog when you are at the office, the work you are supposed to be doing at the office doesn't tend to get done. some sort of physics rule or something.

anyway, sometimes those work-y things actually have deadlines and stuff. deadlines like, say, "yesterday."

and even when you pray very hard that little office gnomes will come and get your work done for you when you aren't looking, they don't. (bastards!)

so the in-utero karaoke (and an update on how redbull & vodka goes with knitting)(answer: very well!) will have to wait till at least this afternoon.


  1. guess what? that deadline just moved to monday morning. :-)

  2. Those darn office gnomes!
    I've never had them do anything for me!

  3. I don't update my blog at work (much) but that's only because I work for a bank and it saps my creative energy. However, I do read the blogs of others. I compensate for the time spent f'n the dog all day by f'n it for an extra hour or so and then sending a detailed email to my boss or other senior people (that I wrote at like 3:00) at 6:30 or so. Making me look like a model employee so when I'm falling behind on deadlines, I can point to the hours I work as evidence that I AM a hardworking dedicated employee. Bad work ethic? Of course. Then again, if I HAD more motivation, I'd find a job where I didn't want to kill so much time.


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