No One Told Me There'd Be Math, Part Two

this morning MyBoss walks in and i immediately throw the directions at her and demand to know what "Next row K1, (k2tog, k6) 6 times, k2tog, k7 -51 sts" means.

and of course, it means what i suspected. except she can't figure out how 1 + (2 + 6)6 + 2 + 7 = 66, either. it is supposed to equal 58, the number of stitches i was supposed to cast on.

that is when we -- two grown, professional, smart, SMART women -- actually have to use calculators to discover, to our surprise, that:


it does not, as we'd concluded several times, equal 56.

one knitting mystery solved. only to be replaced by another. if i cast on 56 instead of 58, how do i make the equation = 2 less?

let me end this post here (for those of you who've made it this far) by saying that i had to consult AN ENGINEER to learn that if you reduce the number you start with by 2, and then you want to reduce the number of stitches in every row, it's quite logical. in fact, according to Mr. QA Engineer, decreasing stitches is just like building pyramids with cubits.

Knit Hat:
stock photo of knit hat i did NOT knit

Just Like The Pyramids!
just like pyramids!



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