Windows of Opportunity

my office is located on the second floor of a building overlooking the bay. it's got an open floorplan and huge windows.

today, there are window washers. it's a little disconcerting to glance out the window and see men standing there, a storey above the ground.

but it's even more disconcerting (and what does it say about my professional career?) when my CEO suggests, in earnest, that i go buy sodas and offer them to the washers through the window.

(i think it says that, clearly, i'm perceived as the career-minded go-getter we all know i am.)

and then when the CEO realized i didn't take his suggestion, he told me i missed my chance to make some friends.

i just told him i'm waiting for a greater window of opportunity.



  1. Found your site through Craigslist (way to make the Best-Of List)

    Lousy pun. Love it!

  2. I *love* when a punny opportunity presents itself. Good one! (I probably would have reached for something atrociously corny like, "Hey, aren't glass *ceilings* bad enough?")

    Enjoying your blog as always -- Carolyn B.


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