Time Crunch?

(har har.)

in more oh-so-thrilling diet news, i had soup and toast again for lunch. BUT! in a shocking turn of events, KnitterStacy did not outdo me today. in fact, if anything, she underdid me.

yes, imaginary internet friends. this is the email i received from MY BOSS today, who -- i am happy to report -- is having quite a time trying to live down her reputation as high-maintenance.*

(look. you all are bored at work and explain this to me regularly. so this is the kind of update you're going to get sometimes, you know?):

From: stacy
To: kristy
Date: May 4, 2005 12:53 PM
Subject: Lunch. It isn't just for food snobs anymore.

See. Lunch is not always a 12-item, lengthy-preparation-time meal. This is what i ate today. Granted, we had to go to the knitting store, which pre-empted my ability to buy the necessary 12 items at safeway and prepare a gourment feast...but when you need yarn, you need yarn. Meals be damned.
Stacy's Lunch
(and btw -- this is not the daily "recommended" amount of peanuts on SBD.)


p.s. Do not let anyone think I am in any way a baseball fan. This was the only brand of peanuts I saw.

*will never happen.


  1. Glad to hear that she's not a Giants fan...

    Go Blue

  2. I have to say that you have a much more interesting/funny blog than KnitterStacy. We all have to have something we're the best at, right?

  3. Somewhat random but I knew I was too addicted to your blog when driving home from work last night I passed a store that had a large sign reading: "HUGE Designer Yarn Sale today!!" and I immediately thought of you. Is it wrong that I think my "imaginary internet friends" would be interested in the HUGE sale 2500 miles away???

  4. kim,

    there is no such thing as too addicted.

    also, that is the sweetest thing i've ever heard. *huglets* to you!

  5. hey candace,

    that's not nice. :P

    if you want to read something really not funny, you can read mine.


  6. riseyp:
    i love you.

    candace:I can't be obsessed about knitting *and* write a funny blog, tho i try. clearly you don't appreciate stories about bad knitting patterns and the multiple frogging of ponchos and scarves...

    knitterstacy (aka:boring blog writer.)

  7. Knitterstacy rules!

    Also, peanuts? I can eat my weight in them, which by the way is a LOT OF FREAKIN peanuts. Love them ... then... I feel sick. Kind of like eating a whole pizza. But so, so good.

    Har har GIANTs peanuts ;)

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