Okay, And Don't Tell Anyone

because, MUNI musings and Timid Lizards and ex-TheBoys and cross-country engagements aside, i actually do kinda like a boy.

i know i know, shhh. no, shhh!

it's just that, um, despite being over-caffeinated and jazzed up on allergy meds and adrenaline and martinis, it turns out i'm still potentially okay company for a second date. and third.

and while i'm probably jinxing it by writing about it here (because that has seemed to be the pattern, kids) (right, it's because i BLOG about it, not because there are other issues) i thought i'd let you in on it.

just a little FYI between you and me, okay? especially since i'm pretty sure he doesn't actually read this*.

*um, and if he does, i guess uh, everyone wave hi!


  1. You aren't jinxing anything. You go!


  2. :) as an avid reader of your blog, may I say HOOORAY! but not jinxing it, of course.

  3. is it weird that we're so excited for you? guess that means we're not imaginary.

  4. Yeah for you!!! I worry about jinxing everything too, but I don't really believe in it either....go with it and enjoy every moment!!

  5. waving Hi!!! WOOO HOOO!!! GO girl!! I just checked...I'm not imaginary.

  6. my imaginary boss and I say, "you go girl!" Oh wait. He's real! :)

  7. ...waves to the sweetie who is smart enough to catch a glimmer of the light that is in Kristy...

  8. i know it's only gonna be your second date and all... but have you photoshop'd what your babies will look like yet? teeheehee.

  9. Is this the same guy that said, "i am very inerested in you i want you"?

    So he's not so creepy after all, eh?


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