I Actually Finished The Baby Blanket

not that i managed to send it to my sister in time for:

a. her shower

b. mother's day

c. her birthday

but i'm not really an on-top-of-things type of girl. at least it's done! and maybe someday i will even MAIL it!!

(worst photo ever! i have no eye for this sort of thing!)

ah, the wonders of yarn-overs.


  1. It's beautiful. I just discovered your blog and I seriously already love you!

  2. I finished my friend's baby blanket the last week of April. The baby was born the first weekend of March. I still haven't mailed it. Maybe for the kid's first birthday?

  3. How beautiful! I really wish I had your knitting skills!
    I too am very bad at sending packages - last year I didnt send my father his fathers day gift until christmas - I'm hoping to get it to him on time this year.

  4. I love it!! I can crochet, but I can not knit for the life of me! I tried and I get confused and frustrated, throw it down and pick up the crochet hook!

  5. Still, it's the thought that counts.

  6. It's beautiful. What kinda yarn did you use?

  7. that is lion brand homespun baby! it was great to work with and knitted up very soft.

    easy pattern, too, for a dramatic effect!

  8. That is awesome! Good job!

  9. Well, at least the child isn't in High School already! If you hurry you could get it mailed before Christmas...

  10. Your better that me! I have been working on a scarf for two (yes thats 2) years and have completed enough to call it a coaster.



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