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i realize that none of you are online right now. and nor should you be. after all, it is 4:30 on a friday before a three-day weekend and NO ONE SHOULD BE AT WORK ANYMORE. but i'm here*. and therefore i like to pretend that my imaginary internet friends are here now, too.

so, IIFs, you know how i mentioned that my little sister is going to be a mom soon!? well, she is getting BIG. (and kids, my sister is otherwise so little! she's one of those adorable women who wear size 0s. oh yes, yes she does. genes are fun, huh?)

i share with you now a picture of my almost-niece or almost-nephew! complete with b-ball for scale!

*at work doing things like looking at pictures of my sister, but whatever.


  1. Your not the only one still at work!!!! and OMG when is she due?

  2. I am still here!! But leaving soon! Aren't really preggers women amazing!

  3. Its 5:14pm and my boss is standing two feet away from me. I can't even Stop, Drop and Roll my way out of the office early today.
    Sidebar: I'm seriously considering driving from LA to SF for the Blog Party. Or starting an LA chapter where we all discuss the events of the blog once a week like a book club. Either way drinking will clearly be involved.

  4. Wow! That's quite a belly!

    I'm here, though "here" is my room but it isn't like I have a life anyway. :D

  5. Our long weekend was last week (in Canada). Does that make me less of a loser for being able to read this? God I hope so! But my goodness! What a belly! I hope your niece/nephew appreciates the trauma their mom endured!

  6. I'm here and its worse: Its 9:18 in Georgia on a Friday night.


  7. Awww, I love pregnant when it's not me!

  8. I'm sorry your sister doesn't have a head. Did she lose it in an accident or was she born that way?

  9. Hey K:

    You're going to be 30 too? I'm 30 July 12th.

    Okay, I know you don't care. Let me just say you dont look a day over 28. tee-hee


  10. It's so amazing when the belly makes the boobs look like A cups (when believe me, they're NOT)!!
    She looks beautiful--even without the head. Haha.

  11. Oh...I had to look twice to see she was pregnant. I looked at the boobs first.
    NOW I understand the basketball thing.

  12. BADVICGOODINTENSIONS - That is so a good idea about the LA chapter! I'm in. Everyone in LA, we need to start an e-mail list or something so we can precipitate organized drunkenness.

    Your sis looks great! Pregnancy is so beautiful (on other people, much like form fitting clothing). I bet she's really athletic.

  13. Heeeey!!! I have damn near that same picture on MY blog! Mines' not as joyful though... :(

    (recognize the ball?)

  14. for the record...i was at work until 5:00 on friday :( boo! no fun when the rest of the world shuts down and you have to stay and work...

    oh well its tuesday now, new things to gripe about (aka 4 days until weekend)


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