My First Blog-Stalker Meeting

morning, kids.

i'm writing this to you from inside a hangover. hi.

(that's the bad news. the good news is that it's the friday before a long weekend. and while these points are pretty much unrelated, i don't care.)

anyway, apparently you are not all imaginary. because one of you actually wrote me and began a correspondence with me and then met me for drinks last night. isn't that nice?

it is!

so yes, apparently i exist. and so do you.

(hmmm. unless it was all a martini-induced hallucination...)

PLEASE NOTE: THIS WAS NOT THE SCHEDULED "BLOG PARTY"! the blog party is still planned for June 9 at the castle.


  1. I would have met you too Kristy but I was tired from the party i had the night BEFORE. and what's funnier? I brought a print-out of your boxed wine blog to show my was fun reading it over a cosmo so thank you!

    if you come to sacramento, you have a place to stay! so long as you don't mind dog hair and the large dog that produces it...

  2. Only one person showed up? Too bad s/he wasn't schizophrenic or you would have had a crowd!

    Hold the next one in L.A. and I'll be there!

  3. Was it a boy? Was he cute? Do tell.

  4. oops. i entered twice. i am not really crazy jealous. lol

  5. I want to go to the Castle - hey, I Know! If you ever make it to Muskogee (don't laugh!), we can go the The Castle of Muskogee (don't laugh!)


  6. PS - thanks for giving me something to do at work!

  7. um, tell us more about your meeting. don't we have a right to know how it went, who it was with, etc.

    draw a diagram if you can...

  8. i totally need to draw a diagram!!! (when i'm not at work. *ahem*)

    it was with a guy i've become pretty good e-friends with who's in town for the weekend.

    (and don't get any ideas, we are just friends!)

  9. I lived in Muskogee!

  10. Oh crap tastic!! I'm in Afghanistan and I couldn't make it!! I can't drink over here either.
    Crap tastic

  11. More details! Come on, your regular readers want to did it go?!?

  12. It was a martini-induced hallucination.


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