Musical Memes, Oh My

remember how i said i am not uber-tech-savvy? that was after i received this meme thing, which has been sitting around in my inbox making me feel guilty for over a week now.

so i think what i'm supposed to do is say where it came from,
(it came from a young blogger named mike, whose postings are here)
and then post the questions it asks with my own answers. The Theme is Music. (isn't this exciting!? okay, here we go...)

  1. Total Volume?
    i think this is where i'm supposed to say how much computer space is being taken up by my music files. except i don't know because my music files are not really so well organized, like in ONE folder or something. they are all over the place, frankly, and only about half are in an iTunes related folder. also, i have duplicate files. over the years, for example, i've probably downloaded and "filed" Dancing Queen at least five times. and i never delete things. this is why i have external storage now for my 20G laptop. not that i know how to use it. whatever. moving on.

  2. Last CDs Purchased?
    um. i am not a big CD purchaser. i don't even download entire albums, just songs i like and usually those are throwbacks to when i was in middle school because i am WAY out of the current musical loop because i don't listen to the radio anymore because i don't drive anymore. i am not cool at all.

    this said, i did make a couple impulse CD buys at starbucks (hi? marketing-gullible much?) recently. those would be the ray charles duets album and the best of joni mitchell. i think i'm supposed to talk about my feelings on these albums, but what is there to say really? it's not like any of you have managed to escape hearing ray charles everywhere, and joni is joni.

    (though i will point out that i totally cry when they play her "both sides now" in love actually. every time.)

  3. Playing Right Now?
    um, remember how i mentioned i'm really not cool? i'm really not. my iPod on the bus this morning ran through...let's see...some ABBA, some harry connick jr., some remixed ollllld school stuff (check out 'verve'), some sinatra, um bette midler, and some very bad dance music the likes of which i'm too embarrassed to recount here.

  4. Five Favorites?
    hmm. my favorites are likely to change at any time, so i will list the five songs that i listen to overandoverandoverandover these days. they would be:

    Different Drum - as performed by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

    Bohemian Like You - The Dandy Warhols

    ABC/I Want You Back - remix of the Jackson Five standards

    The Man Comes Around - Johnny Cash

    Proud Mary - Ike & Tina Turner

and then i think i'm supposed to end by passing this thing along to OTHER bloggers who i will then make feel guilty for not answering. like so:

  1. here, KnitterStacy. this will give you something to do when you tire of working on making another (fucking) sweater.
  2. and to you, Jen, because you are done with finals and thusly have all the time in the world for, as Purl* would call them, me!me!s.
  3. also to you, Jake, because you are cute. and because we should meet. (did i say that aloud?) i simply want to uh, have the opportunity to prove the existence of you.
  4. and then to my brilliantly funny friend Smacky who has, for one reason or another, decided to take it upon herself to blog in russian. and when she wanted to try and link to my blog, had quite a time getting advice on the russian translation for "she just walks around with it" given that "it" = "my enormous booty" and you know, there are some syntactical peculiarites related to american booty.


*Purl has already had to fend off quite a few memes, so i didn't want to contribute to further onslaught.


  1. so how did you get your computer down to the pub on a friday night...:)

  2. If I only recognize "Proud Mary" does that date me????

  3. Yay for Dandy Warhols!

    (And yay for memes, sorry 'bout the guilt...)

  4. I feel no guilt for not completing memes. (I don't even get what "meme" means.)

  5. Some recent favourites:

    Hot Hot Heat - Elevator
    The Killers - Hot Fuss
    The Zutons - Who killed the Zutons?
    Laura Cantrell - Not the tremblin kind
    Kaiser Chiefs - Employment
    The Delgados - Universal audio

  6. uhmm... from someone who's even less techs internets savvy, what the hell is a "meme"?


    "A unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another."


  8. am i supposed to do this on my blog?
    *tries to figure out how to translate "the weakerthans"*...

  9. Immauel Kant said "If we think in a thing every feature of reality except one, the missing reality is not added by my saying that this defective thing exists. On the contrary, it exists with the same defect with which I have thought it, since otherwise what exists would be something different from what I thought" Critique of Pure Reason.

    Thus in listing all my properties and relations, one could claim I exist. But as Kant says, this does not add any new property to me. Thus existence itself isn't *another* property on top of everything else I am. So, in short, it really doesn't matter if we say we're real or imaginary.

    That said, I'm definitely imaginary.

    And cute is definitely the new ugly.

  10. And don't buy CD's from Starbucks. You'll only encourage them.

  11. Hi there, just a quick HI from an airport in Frankfurt, Germany! I've been here for almost 9 hour with nothig to do but knit baby booties - hideously complicated for f'ing socks, I might add! Anyhow there is free internet so I decided to see what you had posted since I've been on holiday! I've been giggling my ass off at this little kiosk, much to the delight of my neighbours, I'm sure. Anyhow I'll look for your post tomorrow when I'm back at work, fighting jetlag!

  12. My sister just introduced me to your blog (by the way - this is my first "blogging" experience and certainly my first response). I just read your sundress rant and have to share my own rule when it comes to summer attire. No matter your size, shape, or muscle tone - your shorts should NEVER be shorter than they are wide.

  13. Is Stacy dead? Go ahead...tell me. I can take it. She hasn't written anything in over a week! Please pass on the word that I was asking about her...

  14. no, i'm not dead. just here figuring out what the FUCK to answer in this musical MEME i've just been asked to answer! :-)

    and kristy think's her musical tastes are dated??? can you say 80s and more 80s??

  15. Can someone please explain what the hell a Meme is in laymans terms. Is it one of those email forms that people forward around to all their friends every so often that contains a long list of questions like "what is your favorite color?" and "describe your first car"?

  16. cynthis:

    yesyes. that's exactly what a meme is. maybe it stands for Me. Me. as in "these silly questions are all about me, me and more me...


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