So Totally Completely Utterly Unfair

it will come as a great surprise to you that i had a late night last night, and that a few (several) cocktails were involved.

yes, see? you're shocked.

so um, this morning i wasn't feeling so great. and i decided that i should probably eat something simple and good for me, like whole grain toast. with 7-UP.

and i went to the kitchen.

and i saw them.

fucking cupcakes

look how they're just sitting there, looking all deadly. with jelly beans on top.

you know what those things aren't*? whole-grain toast.

but, hungover on a now-sunny friday, i have the willpower of a golden retriever. and couldn't help myself. so whatever. it was totally unfair to bring them into the office in the first place, Evil Coworker Who Shall Remain Nameless**.


p.s. speaking of cupcakes, this cupcake rocks!

*they are, however, a fabulous hangover remedy! who knew?

**it was totally stacy.


  1. The question is, did you eat just one? or all three of them?

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, Kristy. I got a German Chocolate cupcake on my lunch break yesterday then went to go check out a new gym near my office. I was actually standing outside the gym, eating a cupcake, diligent in not letting one glob of coco-nutty frosting escape and I was like, "Hmm. I wonder why I'm not losing weight. It must be genetic."

  3. HAHAHA!! Nancy, you are too funny. I love it! I kind of do that too, eat and stare at people working out and wonder the same things. Mmmm German Chocolate cupcakes sound amazing!! I'm jealous. I want a cupcake!! lots of frosting...mmmmmm...

  4. sorry. didn't think you'd actually *eat* one of those things. I should have warned you.

  5. I want a cupcake! And I'm not even hungover. Have you ever tried In-n-Out as a hangover remedy? It's like magic. The one disadvantage is that you have to leave the house to get it, but it's truly miraculous.

  6. Cupcake Mafia? Why... this site isn't even ABOUT cupcakes! I feel totally betrayed!

  7. looks like drinking is quite a common theme in your stories. Why don't you dry out for a while to get a clearer picture of life. lush.


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