Knitting WOULD Be Therapeutic

um. so you may've noticed that i participate in a few knitting webrings and that i profess to be some sort of actual knitter, despite that i have featured so far:

  • one(1) picture of a complete scarf
  • one(1) picture of a hat i didn't knit as it related to pyramids and cubits
  • one(1) picture of a bag of yarn, without actually showing the yarn
  • one(1) picture of a bag i eventually put yarn in
  • two(2) pictures of yarn i had not yet started using
  • several pictures of drunken knitting debris
which does not equal much in the way of Impressive Knitting Coverage.

so i feel a somewhat compelled (guilty) to share a few more knitting tidbits.

first of all, have i mentioned that KnitterStacy has just about completed an entire f'ing sweater? right. whereas i have not completed the baby blanket for my very pregnant sister that i started over a month ago, despite that her shower was hi, in april. (i am both a Bad Knitter and a Bad Sister.)

want to see it anyway? here's a picture:

seattle is far away

oh right. i cannot show you a picture of the blanket because the blanket is in its own special bag. in the backseat of PinkJaime's car. and PinkJaime is in seattle. i am so on top of things.

so in the meantime, remember how i said i was going to make this poncho? here it is so far:


excellent progress for a MONTH of work, no?

yeah, no. it looks like (and is the size of) a fuzzy pink napkin.

moving on...we have my in-the-queue project i need to buy yarn for. it is another CondomHat for Snarky, only this time it is "ribbed for her pleasure." i am not making that up, either. Snarky totally found a ribbed hat pattern and sent it to me and said "can you please make me this?" and i can't say no. but this is:

ribbed for her pleasure

a. very challenging to make (um, it uses two colors and three double-sided size five needles and has instructions like, "With color A, *K1, SKP, K11, K2tog, K1; rep from * 5 times more, ending with K1." right.) and;
b. actually called a Chemo Cap.

but i aim to please, so who am i to tell Snarky no?

finally, we have the impossible linen-yarn lacey scarf thing i saw in my LYS. "it's just a knit stitch" the LYS maven said. uh huh.

after (i am so totally not kidding) SEVEN attempts, this was the state of said scarf when i got to work today:

looks like three rows to me

uh huh. SEVEN.

notice how i said "was." because also when i got to work today, i had um, a tiny bit of a tangle.


which i personally didn't care about ("i'll just work through it"), but KnitterStacy got her hands on it and just haaaaad to fix it.

and that somehow that resulted in her undoing the whole thing and starting over.


so how does the linen lace scarf four rows in look now? well, let's put it this way: my french-accented colleage stopped by my desk to examine it and said:

"zat loooks like zomezing for a feesh."

to which i replied, "i know. it's supposed to."

"oh! so you want to beee a feesh person?" he asked rhetorically before laughing at me and bouncing away.

so let's review.

i now have a baby blanket being held hostage, a pink fuzzy napkin, a to-be-developed ribbed chemo cap, and a ninth-time's-the-charm linen lace scarf so that i can endeavor to be a feesh person.


  1. It can be theraputic, but stressful too.

    I can't ever have too many projects going at once, because then I never feel I make any progress.

    As you seem to be feeling right now.

  2. You shouldn't feel bad about 7 attempts and getting help from KnitterStacy. I took 14 yrs off from knitting myself, and when I picked it back up, I made 12 attempts with much easier yarn before I gave up and got very forgiving (felty and fuzzy) yarn to make my own Mr. Scarfy.

    So not only am I a very slow and very remedial knitter, I copy you by making Mr. Scarfys!!

  3. Not to mention... mr scarfy keeps growing horizontally as well as vertically! Kind of like me & my cat. (Except we're only growing horizontally)

  4. Where do you buy your yarn? Super cute! I tend to go to artfibers, cause it's downtown, but they don't have the widest selection.

  5. i got the pink fuzzy stuff online here.

    i got the gorgeous (pain in the ass) linen yarn at the beautiful Urban Knitting Studio in hayes valley.

    i have heard, though, super great things about ImagineKnit around noe.

  6. Oh my god I love you!. Cute and cheap yarn! (not you, cute yes, seemingly not cheap).
    I forgot about the one in hayes valley I went there once and fell in love with everything.
    I suppose I should get a blogger account so I won't keep typing as anonymous girl.

  7. look at it this way! by the time you finish my hat, it'll be winter.

    *patiently waits for ribbed condom hat*

    -el snarkster

  8. Don't worry, I was casting off my sister's baby blanket WHILE she was opening other gifts at the shower. Then I had to take it back to fix some stuff... I still haven't sent it because I was trying to finish the rest of her present. Unfortunately, the baby sweater I made will fit a barbie doll, but probably not a baby. Sigh, she's due in a month.

    What are we knitters to do? I doubt that most people that recieve the gifts we make realize the hours of painstaking work, and agonizing over instructions we go through! Well, unless we remind them every time we see the gift collecting dust on their hat racks... ho hum.

    At least it keeps me busy on the bus, or when I'm supposed to be working from home ;)

  9. I thought that first picture was the emperor's new baby blanket, so I'm glad it's just being held hostage.

  10. hey, i was just reading best of cl, and honestly, i was compelled to read the rest of your blog. thank you so much for that link. i almost choked laughing, and i havent laughed that hard in ages. your absolutely adorable :)

  11. Ahhh, gotta love those French colleages. I have FIVE of them!!!! And they ALL talk like that. Yours says feeeesh, mine say piiiiiiiiig. They're so charming! =P

  12. Love your posts! So, don't take this the wrong way but maybe knitting isn't your thing.

  13. thank you. that is very helpful feedback.

  14. ROFL!! Love your slight tangle! I totally know what you mean about half-started (or barely started) projects. I started a hat for my dad, only to stop it to start a blanket for myself, only to put that on hold to start a baby blanket for a friend, putting that on hold to make mitts and a hat and a scarf to match my winter coat (mitts are done, have 4 rows of the hat and no scarf - and now it's spring), putting that on hold to finish the baby blanket (a month late), then starting another baby outfit for another friend - completely messing up my tension so now it's so out of proportion it will only fit a really fat baby. I have so many knitting projects they're starting to stress me out instead of relaxing me. :p

  15. Bring on the idiot giggles.


    I think I may have snorted. You are SUCH a bad influence.


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