What My Friends Are Saying About Me

[direct transcript]

me: did you read my most recent post? it's brief.

charming british friend: Ah.

charming british friend: Oh dear. Temptation is being thrown into your path at every turn, isn't it? And I am glad to see that you are completely and utterly failing to show any moral fibre whatsoever.

charming british friend: So well done you there.

and there you have it. i am morally fibreless. but i got to have a cupcake.


  1. The cupcake is well worth it Kristy!! Enjoy it!!

  2. Hey--much nicer than what my charming english boyfriend would say: "You ate what? In the morning? Are you mad?"

    PS I've found that anything not good for you is a good hangover-remedy. Cold pizza is my favorite.

  3. Personally, I am "morally compromised." That's what they say where I'm from.

    And if the shoe fits ... wear it out drinking!


  4. What the heck does a lack of willpower have to do with morality??? Unless Satan himself was waving said cupcakes under your nose, and you ended up trading your soul them...no that's still a will power thing combined with bad judgement. Unless they were fancy bakery cupcakes, and then it is SO worth it!

  5. well, UG, it's possible my friend was referring to other recent uh, moral *transgressions* that don't involve cupcakes.


  6. Ohhhhhhh...Yeah, Satan makes me drink too, but as with the fancy cupcakes, I withhold my soul for the Stoli!

  7. It always sounds better coming from a 'charming british friend', doesn't it? They always have a way of making it sound classy; even when he's just talking about eating a cupcake to cure a hangover.

    I've heard good things about drinking a Bloody Mary to fix a hangover the morning after. I think you chose a more work-friendly alternative.


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