Me? Sobbing!

first let me say that i have eaten three crackers and had a soy latte so far today, so my concentration skills are currently, um, what's that word? um...


but i leave tomorrow for the 3,000 mi. flight back to new england to see my family and my NEW NEPHEW!

charlie was born today at 3:37 p.m. EDT and was 8 lbs., 14 oz.!!! BIG baby!

and unexpectedly, this has made me cry. i suddenly realized that my sister is actually a mother and this is all suddenly quite amazing. and of course, life being amazing = me sobbing uncontrollably. for hours. and hours.


but i have not been able to keep up with much-needed blogging because i have had some personal stuff to take care of, including but not limited to the blog party; a going-away party; doctor visits (SO the voldemort); an encore going-away party involving many cocktails, drunk lawyers and 8 dancing queens; spending six hours writing a quiz; and um, boys.

this has not left much time for blogging.

however, as i will be trapped on a plane tomorrow for nine million hours, i will be drafting all my horrendously overdue entries. from more episodes of breezy elegance to the stupid things boys say to the advice from mr. jersey to the entry that will highlight the illustrious Make-Out Kate*.

off to quiz...

*who is Make-Out Kate? she is a local celebrity in her own right. stay tuned to find out why. she can also teach you a lesson or two about DNA. more to come.


  1. Congratulations!

    Being an aunt rocks, I’m sure you’ll love spending time with your precious new addition.

  2. Congratulations! I love being an aunty almost as much as I love being a mom. The great thing about auntyness is the giving them back when they're miserable. You get nothing but the best times!

    You'll be missed but we're looking forward to new posts when you return!

  3. Being an Auntie is the BEST! I have a new niece-- 9lbs 4oz! (god, can you IMAGINE?) Hey, wish we had known you were coming to New England. Your east coast IIFs could have thrown you a local party. :) If you get bored and are near Boston let us know; you've got a big following out here too...I'll even chip in the box of wine...

  4. Being an aunt is the best...and 9 months later I still have bouts of uncontrollable sobbing when I am with the young 'un.
    Congrats, have a fantabulous trip and looking forward to reading the bolgs when you catch your breath and get a moment.

  5. Congratulations!!
    being an auntie is one of the best things ever!

  6. Congrats!!!!!!! Take lots of pics of the lil' cherub.

  7. looking foward to illustrations of rude flight attendants and cute baby.

  8. Congratulations!!! I'm the aunt of a six month old little princess. She was 6lbs 1oz and is still a tiny little thing. I broke down and sobbed when I first saw her too.

  9. Congratulations, Auntie Kristy!
    Being an aunt is so much fun, enjoy meeting little Charlie!
    safe travels,

  10. Congratulations! New babies are so cute. Have a great trip.

  11. woo hoo! congratulations auntie k!

  12. congrats Kristy and family. Safe trip.

  13. yeah. try 9 lbs 15 oz. not so fun!
    congrats auntie k!

  14. Congrats! That's great! Safe travels!

  15. Congratulations, Kristy!

    Since grandparents have dibs on the whole spoiling thing, you have the joy of choosing gifts for your nephew that will ANNOY THE LIVING CRAP out of your sister.

    It is part of the cycle of life.

    It. Is. Your. Destiny.


  16. Hooray, Aunties rock! Huge congrats to you and your family. We want pictures!

  17. Congratulations! Babies are wonderful things! Enjoy being an Aunt!!!


  18. Roszel, thats cool.

    K, Congrats on the Nephew. Awaiting your new posts with an unnerving itchiness.


  19. Congratulations on being an Auntie! Hey, I'm with Terra - you know, you have IIFs here in Massachusetts, too! How come it's just the West coast people who get to blog party with you? :D

    being an auntie is amazing! and fantastic practice for having your own...... although, you should totally take your time.
    my sixth niece will be born in the fall. yaaaay!

    have a fantastic trip, kristy, and great good old europe from me.

  21. uhm, i meant "greet".....

  22. Congratulations, Aunt Kristie!!!!!

  23. Kristy- Congratulations! What a miracle it all is.

    Kurt- You're absolutely right. Hehehe...let the games begin.


  24. That's so wonderful. Congratulations! My very first nephew was born in March and it is so cool to be an aunty! (I'm an aunty to all my friends kids too...but it is just not the same as family!)

    Plus, I totally feel for your plane trip. I too have to fly 3k miles to see my nephew!

    Have a safe trip! Looking forward to your blogs to come and pics of the wee one!

  25. Congratulations Kristy!! I remember when my lil' sis had my nephew, I couldn't believe it. I now also have a niece and they are the world to me! It's like having kids you're not responsible for. You get to just do all the fun things and buy them presents and take them to Disneyland! Enjoy and see you when you get back at your b'day party. N~

  26. OMIGOD! My sister had her first baby too, 5:30am this morning! Ashley Gray Chovan, 6lbs 12oz. I cried too! When I saw your pic of your sis, I almost posted one of mine too, wearing a bikini top... she said "OVER MY DEAD BODY!!

    Congrats! Being an auntie for the first time really does rock!

  27. Congrats on your new nephew - my friend just had a little girl on the same day. Maybe we can set them up when they get older?

  28. Congrats on the auntie status. I ran across your blog today, and I immediately went to add you to my blogroll. Your life makes for interesting reading and I can relate to your blog description very much so.

  29. Congrats!!! I'm the oldest of three girls, so I'm going to have to wait to enjoy being an auntie. I plan on living vicariously through you!

    Just to add -- your IIF's in Boston would love to party with you!


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