Also, Even My Imaginary Internet Friends Are Cooler Than I Am

steph is one of my darling IIFs, who also happens to be an amazing illustrator.

i wanted to share one of her pieces with you, since we were just recently on the subject of bathing...

(breezy bathing elegance?)

amazing talent.


  1. that is so cool!

    btw...had coworker in stitches with your fabulous story about the salt scrub and bath.

    she sympathizes. she actually has taken a spill due to roommate's use of salt scrub.

    that would be a whole other "why yes, cute fireman/ambulance guy that is my ass" story.

  2. Beautiful picture, but where's the wine? Bubble baths are not bubble baths without the huge glass of wine. I'm hoping it's just safely resting out of view. Because wine is an enabler of funny stories that we don't really care about because after all, there was wine involved.

  3. that woman looks like she's dead

  4. To all the lovely women who post comments and the one who owns this blog...

    The Woman Within...

    Her mistimed giggles
    Her nonchalant hair toss
    Her pouts of fake anger
    Are just glimpses of the lil' girl within

    The tears on her cheek
    The compassion in her eyes
    The affection in her heart
    Are just shades of the mother within

    Her playful ruffling of my hair
    Her burst of laughter at my jokes
    Her reassuring grip on my hand
    Are just traits of the good friend within

    Her furrowed eyebrows at my laziness
    Her anger at my reckless spending
    Her concern at my falling sick
    Are just faces of the wife within

    Her changing of roles
    Faster than she changes her clothes
    And her ease in every single one
    Is nothing but just the true woman within

  5. wow, that's beautiful. Thank you "devil".

  6. teehee.
    thank you kristy!
    i was passed out....not quite dead.....and definitely neither breezy nor elegant....go figure.
    and yes... those are bruised knees (due to nasty subway spill).
    p.s.:thanks to devil for the beautiful poetry.

  7. devil, thanks, that was great... and Steph, beautiful!

  8. Definitely a cool drawing!

    Inspired by your bath?

  9. that's some of the shittiest piece of poetry i've read today

  10. what kind of jerk says shit like that stupid anonymous above?

    hey anonymous, at least take credit for being an ass. what gives you the right to judge?

    k - you just ignore that punk. you know you have tons of adoring iif's.

  11. is that girl doing what i think she's doing?

    cause otherwise, why is her hand underwater?

  12. omg. i don't know if "devil" wrote that poem, but i find it so offensive. the traits associated with "wife" are awful. and i hate it that qualities like "compassion" and "affection" = motherhood. why don't they = being human?

  13. I dig the image and the poem. A lot.
    The artwork is very good, and the poem made me smile because I could see the imagery.

    So there. :)

  14. Wow Kristy, it seems like your blog is assembling a regular, uh... assembly... of gifted artistic types (yourself among them, of course- you're a fantastic writer!). Let's hope there are even more coming.

    Also, I'm sure the general "hey I love your blog" comments from random strangers get old after a while, but... hey... I love your blog (thereisaidit). My girlfriend and I have both been reading for a couple months now and we gossip about your life as if you were someone we knew in person ("hey, did you see that Kristy met another guy on the bus?" "yeah, I really hope this one works out for her!"). Hopefully you're reading that as a testament to how interesting and expressive your posts are and not to how creepy and stalkerish I am. Anyway, I really appreciate you sharing so much of your experience with us IIFs, and I'm sure 99% of everyone else who visits you here agrees.


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