I Never Claimed To Be Artistic

i have funny invisible internet friends.

funny, and industrious.

because remember how i was mentioning that the only program i had at my disposal to draw a diagram from was MS "paint"? and i was like, "here's the best i can do":


so then like, RR, my IIF (in, btw, AFGHANISTAN) is all, "Paint is awesome." and provides this example, from the same story:

[note to RR: thanks for making my waist small and biceps big. i rock!]

but even better is the illustration that accompanies the SPLAT story:

pretty darned good if you ask me. who knew "Paint" could do so much?

ah, well. we all know my IIFs are way cooler than i am...


  1. is that a mouse watching from inside a hole?

    or some kind of inverted shmoo?

    whatever it is, it's awesome!

  2. Great pics RR! I love the acid washed jeans on the "are you gay" guy! These are very good. Kristy, you just have a different artistic style. You can be on my pictionary team any day! ;-)

  3. love the mouse! and the acid washed jeans! great artistic expression.

    kristy, love yours too. it leaves a lot to the imagination which is good. imagination keeps the mind sharp and creative.

    kudos to both.


  4. Kristy,

    rr makes you look a little manly beautiful but manly. I mean you have pecs for crying out loud! Ha-ha

    Man, I could not stop laughing.

    Now I know what marabou looks like. Thanks RR paint dude from AFGHANISTAN.

    Kristy thanks for making me laugh.


  5. BTW...the guy in the R U Gay is a self portrait...FYI ;)

  6. For the record, IIF's may very well be even better than the real deal. I for one have never met, in real life, my IF (I can't even call him an IIF because I know he's not 'imaginary'). He's the real deal and so much better than I have ever found in my 'real world'. In fact, I consider him my BF (best friend).

  7. At the risk of sounding like a total computer/internet/blog el stupido.....can you or anyone else tell me why on earth it is that I cannot see your pictures on my computer? All I get is boxes with little "x's", which I'm sure is NOT what all the whoopla is about. I just want to fit in! :)
    PS - the computer I use is @ work....could it be one of those blocking things going on??????
    In the meantime.......I'll visualize......you rock! nice muscles!

  8. Kristy your website was so advanced-looking and artistic looking before and now you have Guest Artists! You're ruling the blogosphere.

    Hee - my girlfriends and I talk about your blog like we're gossiping about one of our real-life friends. "She's divorced!" "Hurray, I like her even better now!"

  9. Is the little one observing your breezily elegant SPLAT! supposed to be the anon who works at F.C. and saw it happen?

    SOOOOO cute!!

  10. Hah! These are great. I wonder if RR used one of those pen-mouse thingies.

  11. I wish you two would collaberate all the time and make a weekly comic.

  12. Kristy is that an Appletini your drinking? Cause I could sure use one right now ... Great pics..

  13. Well, now that is ART! What a great (andtime consuming) thing to do for you...honestly, your drawings did need a little help...sorry.

  14. While I think the pictures are terrific, I enjoy the breezy simplicity of your drawings, Kristy.

  15. haji-o-matic rocks! Those are great illustrations. K, your illustrations look like mine do and there is nothing wrong with that.


  17. haji's pics rock!

    btw, as i was walking to my building from my car i was thinking about how nice it was outside and it just might require a little skipping....and then i remembered your story and decided that i should probably not show up at work bruised and bloody. because if anyone would fall skipping to work...it would be me.

    so, thanks haji for the visual reminder!

  18. those are great. I'm still trying to figure out how to illustrate a story. without the visuals, it's just not so funny. maybe i'll put up a request for guest artists on my site.

  19. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the guy said, "ah you a gay?" And for any of the southies that know, wheh tha fug-gah-we?

  20. these are awesome!!!! i was finally able to open them. my browser don't likey....but i do! very, very funny.


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