Happy Summer (And Things)

it is apparently -- officially -- summer.

we know that because we've celebrated memorial day and so now it is the next weekend and it's sunny and thus, it must actually be summer.

so i have talked a friend (Mr. QA of the cubit) into doing the most summery thing of ALL with me today.

that's right. we are going to the beach.

now, you might think urban-dwellers might not be very good at doing beachy things. and you would be very right.

i mean, i used to spend my entire summers at the beach, so it's not an altogether foreign concept to me. but then, somehow in the course of growing up (such as i have), it's become far from second nature.

so in getting ready this morning for The Beach, i have done the following things:
  • realized i do not own a bathing suit
  • realized i do not own anything resembling a beach towel or blanket
  • or bag
  • or suntan lotion, though i do own some fake tan stuff which also has spf 20 so i'm currently sitting here at the computer half naked as my skin is not supposed to touch anything (like clothes, apparently) for a good half-hour after applying the fake-tan lotion, which i have just applied
  • gone to walgreens to buy needed beachy items: unfortunately, when faced with the "seasonal" aisle at the drugstore i became a bit overwhelmed, so instead i purchased the following items: wet cat food (i'm hoping the "friskies sliced" will work though we all know it won't, but walgreens doesn't carry fancy feast sliced, so what's a girl to do at 8:45 a.m.?); dry cat food; conditioner; feminine products (yeah, i feel oh-so-summery...); and 4 sticks of string cheese in, i might add, impossible-to-open plastic sealing (which has thus required the use of scissors -- so yes, i am sitting at my computer now, typing, topless, smelling of fake tan, with bits of string cheese cut out of their wrappers all around me) (hey, at least i'm not eating carbs!)
  • made my bed for a completely unknown reason
  • put together my makeshift beach bag, which is really just my yarn bag full of the knitting i'm planning on doing (how beachy!) but with the addition of my journal, in case i want also to write
  • decided, after much deliberation, against bringing a laptop (even though Mr.QA is bringing quite an assemblage of electronic devices because that is what his version of beach behavior is; "i'm certainly not bringing a frisbee" he said, and we both laughed at the thought of my throwing the frisbee to him and it hitting him square in the chest because he hadn't noticed it because he was busy text messaging someone)
  • been dreaming of the starbucks i will be buying on the way to the beach
  • put my hair in pigtails and unearthed my flip-flops: the only two things even remotely resembling appropriate beach-going apparatus
  • packed my iPod because the time it takes to get from here to the beach via public transportation is considerable
  • blogged
and there you have it. how urban-dwellers prepare for the beach.

happy summer!


  1. Jesus Woman! This is the beach in San Francisco or thereabouts. Take sweats, take a sweatshirt! Brr! You are as white as I am, may I also recommend SPF 50 and a wide brim hat? Just don't blame me when your next post is about a breezy elegant sunburn. Optional items: A sarong has so many uses... you can use it as a skirt (I hide my big butt), lay on it and/or cover up with it. Also recommended, depending on how far you have to walk: latest trashy novel, bincoulars, camera, snacks, cold beer & water, a packet of tissues (those port-a-potties are often out of toilet paper which won't be fun after that coffee, ahem), fresh clothes for when you get back to the car and a plastic bag for your sandy items so you don't take home half the beach. Okay, that was a very long run on sentence. Sue me. Also, have fun getting the sand out from your ears and in between your butt cheeks for the next week. ::giggle::

    Have fun out there!

  2. You think it's a production getting ready for the beach? Try taking 3 kids...........

  3. Yo Kristy ya gotta take a dog you cant have any fun diggin up dead shit without a dog i have 2 German Shepards a male and a female which one do ya wanna take.....Besides some bum comes upa nd gives you shit ya say "Sick um" the dog stares at you with this blank look and said bum runs like hell...its kinda funny the dogs dont bite unless some one really gets in your face...

    hope you have fun

  4. *sigh*
    the beach sounds nice.
    sun sounds nice.

    it's rainy and cold here.

    well, have a great time at the beach, and dig your toes into the sand for this land-locked iif, please?!


  5. I have to laugh at the beach idea. Beaches here are FREEZING. I give you guys 1.5 hours at max.

  6. 8:45 A.M. and you're not on the beach already?! Tsk tsk my fellow IIF.

  7. sounds like a good mix of beach gear! i think that the most important item is the ipod. because really, the most perfect thing to do at the beach is to throw yourself into something (reading, knitting, what have you), and listen to music while enjoying the surroundings. :)

  8. I went to the beach in Marin yesterday. I go to the beach a lot and always bring the same things: water bottle, camera, sunblock, sarong, hat, sunglasses, journal and pen, towel. Sometimes I bring a book, but I rarely end up actually reading it.

    I wore: shorts, tank top, flip flops, and a lightweight long-sleeve button up shirt so i didn't have to keep re-applying sunblock on my shoulders and arms. Since this is northern California, I also brought a fleece sweatshirt, of course.

    I carry everything in a backpack... no "beach bag" here.

  9. Memorial day is to honor vets you retard! June 21 is the official start of summer.

  10. Why does it seem that the snarkiest people online are also the ones less like to, um, take credit for what they say?

    I hope you just ignore the idiot above me here.

  11. ms. lizzurd --

    you do not feel Anonymous' comment to be full of wisdom and insight? hmmm...

  12. ValerieBoBalerie6:03 PM, June 04, 2005

    I didn't realize today was Memorial Day. Silly me.

  13. Well? How was it?

    We will have no beach time, the dogs and I, for several weeks, as one of them has stitches on a 6 inch incision on his back leg. And a drain.

  14. Afghanistan is a BEEEEAAACH. We ain't got no water but we got sand!

  15. Kristy,

    Question: Why did you bother with the sunless tanning lotion if you went to the drug store anyway and could have just bought regular sunblock??

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  17. The key step here is the last one:


    amen, sister.


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