Procrastination Station

i have about a million things to do today. not small things, either. i have to clean and pack and launder and shop for much, MUCH needed groceries and clothes. and travelling and flying make me nervous. so rather than prepare for them, i find myself in a procrastination zone.

oh, and? i also have to write a quiz. i am filling in for the regular pub quiz moderator at the Edinburgh Castle on tuesday night. this may not seem like a big deal, but several (15 - 30) teams play at this quiz and take it pretty seriously. and i love trivia and also take it seriously, which is why composing 70 questions is a little stressful! fun, but stressful.

the following morning i will be flying east to visit my family and my sister's new baby.

note: my otherwise sized 0 sister still hasn't popped yet! she was due four days ago...

she's gotta be close!

and so, because i'm stressed, despite having a page-long list of things to do, do you know what i have accomplished?

yes, that's right. i have spent my morning ORGANIZING MY COMPUTER DESKTOP. because it was certainly in need of organizing. uh huh. NOW i am ready to travel! now i am ready for the quiz! thank god all my pictures are in a folder titled "pictures" instead of just strewn about my desktop willy-nilly. phew! i'm practically done with my errands!

but not only have i spent my morning organizing my computer desktop, i have now wasted more time by BLOGGING ABOUT ORGANIZING MY COMPUTER DESKTOP.

and since i'm not ready to stop, i thought i'd post this funny picture taken of me at christmastime by TheBoy. (i found it on my computer desktop, naturally). it's at union square, and is kinda cool because that lightening-looking thing in the background is a cable car going by.

oh sure, i look completely drunk in this picture but really i was just mid-blink. (uh, not that there hadn't been some cocktails.)

phew. i'm glad i got THAT errand done, too. posting a holiday picture in june. for no reason.

maybe i should log off and go knit now. certainly knitting will help get my apartment clean and my bags packed.

yes, definitely.


  1. Any possiblity of a second, east coast stop on the She Walks World Tour? SF's IIFs can't keep you all to themselves!

  2. oh my gosh. what a phenomenal pic of mom to be. the creation of life never fails to completely amaze me and knock me off my feet.

  3. Whoa! Big Belly!

    and by the way (BTW) cool pic of you.


  4. That's not a cable car, that's the MUNI.

  5. Holy crap is that you your one hot lookin babe

  6. Kristy,

    Have a great trip! Don't forget to pack the baby blanket you knitted. And, please post a picture of the new baby. There is just nothing better than a new baby, new life is truly a miracle.

    Your nickname--kiki, so cute! My sis had an imaginary friend with that name.

    Dad, you sound sexy.

  7. safe travels!
    that belly's got to give! beautiful baby to soon pop out, exciting and wonderful.
    and love the pic of you, it's too funny but the flash in the back is really really cool.

  8. Wow.. that's quite the belly. Poor sis.

    Just dropped by to say I'm glad you're alive. I was a little worried some crazy IIF would get you at the party. I even blogged about it.

    Yeah... pathetic blog addict, nice to meet you.

  9. how's that quiz coming, you should share it with us after trivia night...
    good luck with your new auntie duties. have a safe trip.

  10. Hey, don't knock procratination! It's a true art, I tell ya! I've almost got it mastered! But alas, two hours left to the work day and I think I actually must start working. Dangit! A true master could procrastinate the entire day away!!! :) (shhhh, don't tell the bosses!)

  11. I demand more new posts.
    Right now!

  12. Hi Kristy,

    Thanks for the cool pics - both of them. I kind of like the surly look you've got going on in yours. ^_^ Safe trip and best of luck to your sister on her great expectation.

  13. the scarf...the scarf...did you knit the scarf???

  14. Hey, Kristy,

    For some reason the text of your posting may be set too wide -- it's bumping down very low on the page. Just fyi -- I enjoy reading your posts as always. Loved the picture of your sis. Hope you're officially an "aunt" by now!

  15. it's the "lightening-like" and/or "mid-blink" text that is causing your post to be so far down. i think.

    and yes, pls can you post the questions after trivia tonight? i am a fool for trivia. (i should add that to my 100 list)

  16. don't you need to post some more to gain more adulation? the masses won't return your love unless you feed them.

  17. no new posts in two days. hmmmmmmmmm. that can mean only one thing: could you be an auntie?
    best of luck to the entire family and especially your sister.

  18. Well hell. Apparently, she popped. I bet she didn't get to do trivia night. How am I to live vicariously through K if she doesn't post to tell me what I am doing?

    BTW let me be the first to say, it's a girl, sis has no ass. I think boys give a big ass. Um unless it is the other way...


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