And Then A Llama Tried To Kill My Friend

so like, the truth is that my stories aren't all that impressive.

i fall. a lot. i spill. a lot. i drink. a lot. (geez, you'd almost think these things were somehow related.)

but whatever. the point is that my stories really aren't that um, "content rich." (see how i am an impressive marketer and can use terms like "content rich?")

unlike my Brilliant Friend Missy. who has amazingly content-rich stories. like the one about the llama who tried to kill her (absolutely no exaggeration). there's also a story about circus midgets (apologies if that's still an un-PC word), the mayor, the governor and a goat, and several others i'm forgetting.

so she was finally inspired enough to start telling her tales in her very own blog.



  1. Oh man! I was going to save that circus midget story for much later...

    And as for the governor and the goat? There's really not much to tell. I took a goat to the governor's mansion as part of the petting zoo I was working with. I know, it should be more fantastic than that, and I totally could make something up, but the goat was well behaved and so was, surprisingly, the governor.

  2. K:
    As a recovering Circus Midget, I am appalled by your use of this term. But if the shoe fits...


  3. I like llama's...they taste just like chicken.....

  4. Last weekend I was in Washington D.C. and the Smithsonian was sponsoring a folklife festival, held on the mall in front of the museums. They had live camels there from the middle east, and they were tied up. The next day, I heard on the radio that one of the camels broke loose and was running around the mall! The radio dj made a lude comment about how the camel was looking for its toe!

  5. camel?

    Camel + Toe=


    Oh I get it. Tee-hee

    Delayed Reactor,


  6. I don't get it.
    And no...camels don't taste like chicken (in case you were wondering....but you do have to use plenty of hot sauce)

  7. That's ok. I wouldn't have gotten it either if my husband hadn't clued me in to this slang about 3 weeks ago. Google it if you want to know what I mean, because I'm not going to explain it here :)

  8. KRISTY MAKE HER WRITE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. she sounds like a retard. no wonder you drink.


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