And Speaking Of Clumsy

um, you IIFs are awesome. i LOVE your clumsy stories...but wait!

the uncensored picture i've warned you about focuses completely on the clumsiness that is me! so save your details for that Very Special posting (which will be on/around my birthday, as one of my shining-est moments was on the night i turned 28).

and the rest of the posts are coming! i promise.

(the head injury was not due to hangover, but in fact a run-in my head had with my hardwood floor...)

in the meantime, i leave you with this image, which my father (hi! thanks for sending it over!) sent to me saying, "you'll LOVE this!"

thanks, dad. i'll assume you don't think this is me...


  1. Well, if it is you, your IIFs are glad you turned to blogging. We like your cockamamie (that really how it's spelled??) stories and insane opinions, otherwise why would so many people keep coming back for more?

    How's your head?
    Hope it's feeling better!

  2. I love your dad responds to your blog. That is so cool. Hope you are feeling better. On the bright side - tomorrow is Friday.

  3. We're not half a think you drunk we are!!!

  4. Thank GOD for the bloggers and the drunks and especially drunk bloggers!

  5. Best cartoon, best blog, you win. Thanks for winning!

  6. It is so nice to have an outlet to express how you feel, isn't it? I really enjoy your posts and hope you keep them coming.

  7. Dad. We do love that.

    Hit me with another one, bartender.

  8. would your dad adopt me?

  9. mom can't even download the pictures I send her. I can only imagine her trying to send me an e-mail with an attached cartoon!

    Your dad ROCKS! As do you, of course!


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