More Artistry

again with the art!

i just received another illustration. this one from our friend steph (who did the illustration of the tub...) who totally related to the SPLAT story also.

and it's so dead-on, it's not even funny.

(well, okay, maybe it's a little funny.)


  1. yay for good moods... and booze.

  2. steph rocks!

    maybe you two could collaborate for a line of breezy elegance stationary or greeting cards?!

  3. I'm DYING...

    That is so fantastic!! (not that you fell, but that it went SPLAT! know what I mean, right? I hope so...)

  4. Her caribou... ummm much gooder than mine.

  5. That drawing is amazing - love the detail in the maribou

  6. I will surrender my mouse to Steph. HEY K...the illustration of the 'HO in the bar cannot be equaled!!
    You rock. Keep trippin. hahahaah

  7. I loooove the toes and heels Steph drew!!

    Does that make me a foot fetishist?

  8. she even got the fur right on the bottom of your pants! and i know this because i was there. (not for the splat, but for the party!)


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