Where the Hell Have You Been?

it seems i have fallen behind.


at least this time, it's been for a very good reason.

details to follow...


  1. a very good reason, eh?
    hrmmm...a delicious glass of wine, or two, perhaps? a delicious boy/man who fancies ya? a delicious hue of yarn that begged to be knitted?

    speak, woman, speak!

  2. There are a lot of 'about me' lists going around in bloggerland, have you done a 100 things about me yet? Would you mind doing one if you haven't? Should be very interesting.

    I love your blog! and Missed you!

  3. Hey Kristy... as promised, i've just returned home with a Black Box merlot. The fellas asked how i heard of it. (hmmmmm, for a split second i thought about telling them exactly how i heard about it...) I answered that I'd seen it in a friend's fridge.... Cheers. Hurry up and get your skinny white ass back on the blog!

  4. IIF's MUST be entertained. We have short attention spans dont-cha-know

    Excuse me who are you again?????

  5. Were you near that blast in downtown sf at all?


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