Blocked, or "Things I Am Not Writing About"

i have started roughly 17 entries in the last two days and none of them are interesting or funny.

including this one, just so you know.

like, i thought maybe i would tell you about the first time i joined the gym ever, when i was in college and my best friend dragged me kicking and screaming. to the Y, no less. and i showed up with zero intentions of sticking with it, until i discovered that the oh-so-ghetto facility made it totally unintimidating. (well, okay. there was THAT, but there was also the fact that john-the-trainer was supercute and flirted with me and made it so that i wanted to show up and get in shape just to show him i could.)

but that story wasn't going anywhere.

so also i thought maybe i'd try and talk about The Great Mystery here at work. and that mystery was the fact that i had no idea who this one woman (we'll call her Julie) is. because even though every time i'd walk down the hall or hear about someone's project, her name would get mentioned, over and over (did you ask Julie about that? I just need to check in with Julie. I think Julie was working on that), i had absolutely no idea who she was, what she did, or where i might find her.

but not only is that not funny, i was introduced to her yesterday. mystery solved.

the current dating situation is not especially traumatizing, so other than my continual forays into seeking astrological validation, i have nothing to report there, either.

my point -- i guess -- is that i'll get my act together again any second now, but in the meantime, if anyone is still reading this and is actually interested in hearing about something in particular, i'm open to suggestions....


  1. Don't feel bad. I've been going through the same thing. I think there is a black hole nearby sucking up all creative thought...that's my excuse anyway.

  2. And seriously, dude, not everyone named Julie is the sum of all being and the root of all evil. While I think omnipotence would be cool, I just don't see it happening. In THIS lifetime...

  3. that you are actually dating someone...NOW can you share some of the internet dating horror stories you alluded to a few weeks ago? with details? pretty please???

  4. Haven't you fallen lately, or stumbled into something? I always enjoy those stories!

  5. how about the fantastic progress you've made on completing el snarkster's newest hat. you know, the one with the ear flaps? just sayin'.

    -not el snarkster

  6. Oh yes, please do Nicole's suggestion, pretty please!!!

    Seriously, we luv what you write and won't be going anywhere.

  7. How about a story involving Harry Potter, tequila, a gay bar and a cab ride...


  8. "...Leo is the more dominant of the two of you and is likely to take the lead in your relationship – which is fine with Cancer who has no need to be on top."

    HA!! HA!! HA!!

    -your fellow cancerian

  9. No ... no need to be on top when Cancerians know how to top from below. Leos seem to know that too, tho.

  10. A good friend of mine has a theory-- the more "making out" he is engaging in, the less funny he is. And, in his case, it is definitely true. Maybe try abstaining for a while and see if you become insprired.

    Wait. What? What did I just suggest? Total bollocks! Don't abstain! Get it while the gettin' is good baby!!

  11. How about some fictional conversations with people you've never met?

    I sometimes have these types of conversations (in my mind only thankyouverymuch) with people like Oprah, Dr. Phil, ummm....maybe I need therapy or something...

    I haven't posted them on my blog yet but I may start. I sure could use some comic gold standards to follow and you'd be the one to set them!

  12. I can totally relate to the astrology and seeking validation. Your moon sign is almost always more important than the sun sign when it comes to relationships. You can look up the moon sign if you know the day of birth (much easier than the exact time).
    If one of the moon signs matches the other's sun sign, it is usually an excellent indicator of a good match.
    If you do manage to find out the exact time of birth, then you can get even more into the compatibility aspect. A Saturn aspect usually indicates a long term relationship.
    Email me if you want me to run some charts for you.

  13. Writers block sux!
    I find it is always fun to make fun of exes when you have nothing els to say, but hey, that's just me! lol!

  14. I think the reason it is hard to write is BECAUSE the current dating situation is not traumatizing. In other words you are happy and life is going as it should for you. Misery makes for better fodder for a blog :--)

    Stay happy.

  15. How about knitting? :) WOuld love to know what you're up to now, with knitting.

  16. How about: Imaginary converstations, photo of Ish, more photos in general, follow up on the Indian food guy, work.

  17. Anon....and some us Leo's who know we're being topped from below like to pretend we have no idea it's happening and pretend to act like we think we in total control. Oh..I'm dizzy now. Mind games during sex...can't be too drunk though or you forget what you're pretending to be doing or having done and then it throws it all off.


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