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in case you were wondering, the quiz last night was super fun. (at least from my perspective. which is probably skewed because i'm the chick with the mic, but whatever.)

and so because you asked, here are the questions. try not to cheat. :)


Round One: General

  1. What is the largest continent?
  2. What is the chemical symbol for sulphur?
  3. What is the name of the blogging service that’s powered by Google? (little shout-out there, IIFs)
  4. In the same vein, what does HTML stand for?
  5. What is the capital of Tennessee?
  6. Who directed the movie, “Lost in Translation?”
  7. Who was the 17th President of the US?
  8. In what state is Wal-Mart headquartered?
  9. How many wives did Henry VIII have?
  10. Spell [uh...the word that's the type of singing group i'm in, where we sing without accompaniment]:

Round Two: Current Events

  1. What former Playboy Playmate filed for divorce this week?
  2. Conservative Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson has called for the United States to assassinate the President of what country today?
  3. Dennis Rader began serving his life sentence last week. He had wanted to be known as BTK. What does BTK stand for?
  4. Why were Elisa B., Emily B., Kristine H., Lisa R., Kim M. and E.G. in the news today? (Hint: they are three female couples.)
  5. Who will play the lead role in the upcoming biopic on Johnny Cash?
  6. What US state announced yesterday that it is suing the federal government, challenging Bush’s No Child Left Behind Law?
  7. As you and Alan are sadly aware, James “Scotty” Doohan died last month at age 85. What was his nationality?
  8. Last week Target retail stores purchased every single advertisement in what publication?
  9. At about 9 a.m. today, an adult video store on 6th street became even dirtier than usual. Why?
  10. What movie was number one at the box office last weekend?

Round Three: for the kid in all of us...Disney

  1. Mickey Mouse first appeared in what 1928 animated feature?
  2. The song, “When You Wish Upon a Star*” comes from which animated Disney movie?
  3. Disney employees – such as those who work in the stores and in the parks – are given what term? (They’re not called “employees.**")
  4. In the movie, Beauty & the Beast, who was the voice of the candlestick, Lumiere?
  5. Which opened first? Disney World or Disneyland?
  6. What was the name of the skunk in Bambi?
  7. In what animated movie can you hear the question, “What do you want me to do? Dress in drag and do the hula?”
  8. Of the seven dwarfs, Dopey has three unique features. Name one of them.
  9. Roy Disney has had a rocky relationship with the Walt Disney company over the years, but is still consulting with them. What is Roy’s relationship to Walt?
  10. You all know that scene from Lady & the Tramp where they’re eating spaghetti together. What is the name of the song that’s being played?

Round Four: Picture Round -- Identify the Film That These "Invisibles" Are From
(note: these were taken w/o permission from filmwise.com, which is an awesome site)











Round Five: Music
(at the pub, i actually play excerpts from the songs below and teams just have to ID the artists; since that's not possible here, you can try and guess based on the titles -- but it's not as fun...)

  1. "Tell Him"
  2. "What A Little Moonlight Can Do"
  3. "Hush Little Baby" (as performed by the singer who did "Don't Worry Be Happy" which is a dead giveaway but oh well)
  4. "Let's Hear it for the Boy"
  5. "I Will" (the Beatles song, performed by a female soloist)
  6. "Tootsie Roll" (circa 1994, if that helps)
  7. "Save the Last Dance***"
  8. "Start the Commotion"
  9. "Get an Ugly Woman to Marry You"
  10. "Different Drum" (the version playing at the end of Dodge Ball, not the original)

Round Six: for the adults we are supposed to be...Sex

  1. Within 3 years, when were the first birth control pills commercially introduced?
  2. “Venus observa" is a technical term for what?
  3. What is the best-selling bra size in America?
  4. What is the name of the “alternative/sex” club located at 74 Otis street in SOMA?
  5. Who said, “Don’t knock masturbation; it’s sex with someone I love.”
  6. True or false: Women with Ph.D.s are twice as likely to be interested one-night stands as those who only have their Bachelor's degrees?
  7. More Americans lose their virginity in this month than in any other.
  8. Who authored the revolutionary sex study entitled "Human Sexual Response" in 1966
  9. What actress delivered the infamous line: “You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve? You just put your lips together and blow?”
  10. What porn star is sometimes known as “the hedgehog”?

Round Seven: More General Trivia

  1. Who wrote The Faerie Queene?
  2. The cocktail known as the Kir Royale involves two ingredients: crème de cassis, and what else?
  3. What US state’s name shares no letters with its capital?
  4. What is the French word for morning?
  5. What was the first movie (in the US) to be released on DVD?
    Hint: the tagline was “It Sucks.”
    Hint two: it was 1996
  6. You all know the Norse God of thunder, right? But who’s the Norse God of the Vikings?
  7. Dr. Arthur Agatstan has written a very well known book that’s incited quite a dieting craze. What book did he write?
  8. Who was the host of MTV’s first Real World / Road Rules challenge?
  9. In what US state will you find the island of Nantucket?****
  10. The Tower of London is the most visited "ancient" monument in the United Kingdom. What is the second most visited?
    (please note here that the term 'ancient' is not being used in any sort of technical way, and that i got this information from the site's own webpage. so don't get all huffy about it, like folks did last night.)

hope you enjoy. and also, in case you're wondering***** sometimes when i'm pressed for time, i just come up with stuff off the top of my head.

for example. my best friend got married four years ago and they made CDs with their favorite songs to give to guests as a wedding favor. (so cute!) anyway, i converted the songs on the CD to mp3s JUST last weekend. thus, three of them are in my music round.

this got me thinking about weddings, though. like my own. which would explain...

*my wedding song. yeah, i know. but i grew up a huge disney fan, so what are you gonna do? (i even got engaged in disneyworld. and honeymooned there.

**and worked in the disney store when i was in high school.

***and speaking of disney and my best friend, our families used to vacation there. which got me thinking about my best friend's whole family and her mom especially. whose favorite song this is.

****prior to the disneyworld honeymoon, i was actually wed on nantucket. it was lovely.

*****i know you weren't.


  1. Very neat quiz K. I'm impressed - not with my trivia knowledge though :((

  2. Wow, kudos for all the effort spent typing up this great post!

    I have ideas for entertaining blogs, but they would take so very long.

    And I really need to study up on current events!

  3. And are you going to tell us the answers sometime?

  4. Argh, I need answers!

    -- g

  5. Wow! This is serious stuff...not like my Thurs night Barfly Bingo gig! I don't think having memorized all the bar trivia napkins at the Elbo Room will help me here.

  6. Good stuff! I am either "ancient" or stupid (whoops...just pee'd on myself again...NURSE! my DEPENDS please...)

  7. You got married to "When You Wish Upon A Star"??

    um. yeah. no comment.

  8. i'm beyond impressed. serious effort. :)

  9. I made myself all happy because one of those questions was one that we had on our trivia blog and I felt all validated when I knew the answer.

  10. I found a site that might be useful in putting together future quizzes... the real names of music stars. http://www.digitaldreamdoor.com/pages/realname.html


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