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sadly, i have added 'word verification' to the commenting process because it's supposed to help crack down on spammers.

guess we'll see.

in brighter, less spamerrific news, i actually joined a gym and started going to it. before work even. and i've returned to South Beach.

i feel like i'm finally back on track, you know? god, it's amazing (and frankly, embarrassing) how derailing that break-up was (with the bonus of life changes, travel, and job shifts).

and it's fantastic how affirming getting over it is.

finally, i appreciate your suggestions for posts. i'm newly inspired. in particular, i believe this:

el_gallo said...
How about a story involving Harry Potter, tequila, a gay bar and a cab ride...

deserves a follow-up. because he's not kidding.


  1. what?? harry potter is a drunken gay cab driver??

    oh. wait. did i read that wrong?

    i guess we really DO need some follow-up...

  2. Refinance your home mortgage at unbelievably low rates and get Ca1a12 at 1/2 off!

    Sorry, I got all nostalgic for comment spam all of a sudden.

  3. i had the same problem yesterday...i hate comment spam.

  4. This sounds like a good story :) Good luck with the new gym and the South Beach thing!

  5. I've been considering putting the word verification on my blog as well. Jeez! I hate to. What a pain! Are you getting any negative feedback from it?

  6. Don't be embarrassed!

    Some of us are still in the midst of the derailing!

    Or does that mean I should be embarrassed??


  7. I took away my comment section. I'm too thin-skinned for it.

    Love the title!

  8. I caved too and put the Word Verification on my comment section a few days ago. LOVE IT! Haven't had any spam since (*hurriedly knocks on wood*)

    And yeah, it's a pain in the patootey. But don't worry ... your IIFs love ya. They'll understand how it is with The Spam.

    Love the blog.

  9. oohh!! i definitely want to read that story. :)

  10. I had a major heartbreak last October and I've gained 20 pounds since then. I haven't been going to Curves hardly at all. But like you, I'm feeling a shift in the winds down here. I'm ready to get back to my old life BC. Before Cecil...Good Luck to you, Chica.

  11. Just trying out the comment notification.

  12. Gee,
    A gym AND south beach all at once?

    You must be in LUV!



  13. I have noticed a new person at *MY* gym who kind of looks like it could be you...did you sign up for CRUNCH?

    Regardless, good for you!


  14. Good job on going to the gym. Keep at it and eventually it will just become a regular part of your day that you love!

    /avid gym-goer

  15. how hard is it to type in a word? I don't think it's annoying at all.

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