The Quiz Mistress Rides Again

tomorrow night i am moderating the pub quiz at the castle.

that means that i need to come up with 20 general trivia questions, 10 current events questions, 10 pictures, 10 songs, and 20 special subject questions in the next 24 hours.

so far, i have the ten pictures.

typical. just sooooo typical....


  1. Ask them to name all the different names Diddy has had:

    Sean John
    Puff Daddy
    P. Diddy

  2. You should check out underachiever's (undr) blog for song ideas. He's always got something going on that has to do with music. He had some of us bloggers contribute a list of favorite sappy tunes and there were some good ones on there. Is it ok to plug someone else's blog on someone else's blog? I'll have to ask Ms. Social Grace on KFOG.

  3. Have them name all seven (or four of seven or five of seven) ways a batter can safely reach first base.

  4. Current Events:
    Q: Formerly known as The Global War on Terror, the Bush administrations primary forgeign policy focus is called what?
    A: Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism

    General trivia question:
    Q: Do Pobbles have toes?
    A: No (they are happier without them)

    Song: Mr. Mastodon Farm by Cake

    Special Subject (geography):
    Q: In Africa, there are two nations which border exactly one other country. Name one of them (or both).
    A: Gambia and Lesotho

    Just trying to help. :)

  5. Trivia is fun. I wish I lived in SF.

  6. What about first base? ;) cute.

  7. songs: "possum kingdom" by the toadies
    "virtual insanity" by jamiroquai

    general trivia: how long is the gesetation period of an elephant? (22 months)

    what are the thingies on the tips of your shoelaces called? (aglets)

    special subject: confessional poetry

    q: this quote is that of which confessional poet?
    "...The diary of your hurly burly years
    goes to my shelf to wait for my age to pass.
    Only in this hoarded span will love persevere.
    Whether you are pretty or not, I outlive you,
    bend down my strange face to yours and forgive you."

    a: anne sexton, from "all my pretty ones"

  8. how about trivia questions regarding your blog?

  9. A word that reads the same forward or backward?? a palindrome

  10. you can always ask them to name the 101 dalmations and i'll bet your dad could help with some pop songs... ;)

  11. longest palindrome?

    Malayalam (9 letters)

    -- g

  12. are you going to share your questions with your iif this time??

  13. Is Zinfandel a white wine or red wine?

  14. what is the name of the motorcycle gang leader in the frankie and annette beach movies?

    eric von zipper (and there is a new line of trandy surf shades named after him) my husband supplied me with this one....

  15. also, who were the eight kids on "eight is enough"?

    even i don't know....

  16. Name the smallest countries/territories in Europe:

    Vatican city

    Which is the smallest?

  17. Ericha2@comcast.net12:15 AM, August 23, 2005

    song: Stuart by the dead milkmen

    general question: What does the "T" in James T. Kirk stand for?


    Current Events: What ground breaking ruling did the California Supreme Court hand down today?

    Lesbian and gay partners who plan a family and raise a child together should be considered legal parents after a breakup, with the same rights and responsibilities as heterosexual parents.

  18. Here's some trivia questions:

    Who invented the World Wide Web?

    What was the name of Henry VIII's third wife?

    Neil Armstrong was the first man to step on the moon. But who was the second?

    Who was the first roman emperor to convert to christianity?

    DJ Grand Master Flash had a hit with "White Lines", but which group did he copy the tune from? (a hard one)

    Who was the bass player in the rock band Nirvana?

    In which US army division did Jimmy Hendrix serve?

    Who was the first american to be awarded a Nobel peace prize?

  19. Current events question:

    How much change do I have in my pocket?

    Just kidding...

    there's a pretty good trivia blog at They come up with some pretty tough questions so I'm sure you could search through their archives and get some good ones.

    Good luck!

  20. We had a spirited conversation* over dinner about what exactly a caper is. I thought an olive, others thought fig, others unmentionable. We looked it up, it is in the mustard family.

    *I know, get a life.

  21. how about... "how can you tell the olsen twins apart?"

  22. the zinfandel question is rigged. The grape is red, the wine can be red or pink- it depends on how you make the wine. you can make "white" merlot also (pink like the zin).
    White wines can be made from any grape (white or red) that is juiced and fermented as only must (all the solid parts removed). Red wine you get from fermenting then macerating (keeping juice in contact with skins, stems, pips). Then, either way, it is packaged in the delicious box we all love.

    I'm no expert- they made us learn all this crap when I was a waitress during college... Any of you in SF- drive north! Sonoma your asses off!

  23. Krisanne, that is cool that you know something like that. Mostt people could not answer that question of even 5.
    2.base on balls
    4.fielders choice
    5.dropped third strike
    6. catchers interference
    7. hit by pitch

  24. OOH, I wanna take a stab at some of Bob Mottram's questions

    What was the name of Henry VIII's third wife?
    Jane Seymoure

    Who was the first roman emperor to convert to christianity?

    Who was the bass player in the rock band Nirvana?
    Chris something...

    Who invented the World Wide Web?
    Al Gore ;Þ

  25. garyd, what about a balk?

    --makeout kate

  26. To Makeout Kate: a balk won't get you to first base, it'll only advance any existing runners.

    To Gary: just to be picky #6 should be defensive interference, since any defender could plunk himself in the way of the batter and get called for interference.

    It's my favorite baseball trivia question. Most people can get three or four before they're stumped.

    My other favorite? How can a team get six hits in an inning and not score a run?

  27. Uglygerbil, you got most of them. The Nirvana bassist was Krist Novoselic.

    Of course Al Gore claimed to have invented the web, but actually it was Tim Berners-Lee.

  28. Oh, my.

    Just last night my husband asked me what a "caper" was, and I proudly told him with my infinate knowlege that a caper is a a type of pepper. As in salt and pepper. Sounded good to me.

  29. Good job last night. You did well.

  30. thanks james. were you really there? if so, why didn't you say hi??

  31. My friends and I came late and it was packed. Standing room only. The team Not Enough Chairs was right. They didn't want to stay long no matter what. You seemed pretty busy too. We watched a couple rounds, and we ended up at the Hemlock. Wimp ass friends. We would have got our asses kicked in the trivia.


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