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hi, so random, but i was just suddenly struck (again) by how cool the internet is.

well, the internet and the world.

i say this because it occurred to me that hey -- there are some knitting references in harry potter. and so i thought, "i wonder if there are any websites out there with knitting patterns related to harry potter, because that would be cool."

one entry into google:

found 168,000+ results.

doesn't that just make you happy?


  1. I know. I have saved patterns of scarves for all the houses at Hogwarts. I want to make them all and pass them out to my friends. heh

  2. So...lotsa free time at the new job...right?????

  3. I'm am realizing that I am so uncool because (1) I don't knit and (2) I have never read a Harry Potter book or even watched a HP movie.

    PS GIRL, I love your blog!

  4. I wonder if there is a spell that can make a person actually able to knit.

  5. Just a girl.... just go sign up for a community education class for beginning knitters... just go to your local yarn shop and join in... just do it. it's a blast. as kristy will tell you. you can do it. just get the needles and your yarn and start something. then you can say yes, you knit. Instantly you become a player.

  6. A Harry Potter scarf, that would be if I could just magically make the free time to knit one.

  7. The internet is indeed a vary amazing place!! Can't wait to see the Harry Potter scarf and mitten set!

  8. found 168,000+ results.

    We are, as a species, doomed.


  9. my 11 year old bro has a fabulous griffindor scarf (knit like a tube, so it's flat AND all stockinette on the outside), and a griffindor sweater, with the matching golden snitch socks, all knit by the coolest big sis ever. I want to knit dobby socks, because I'm a serious geek.

  10. I love this blog so much... My total new favourite!

    (I've just started this thing! Mine is empty and boring, but now I'm inspired to write some more!)

  11. I am reading Harry Potter and DON'T KNIT but also saw this reference:


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