Brilliant Missy and Dr.Dan Bid SF Adieu

it's hard not to cry while writing this, but i'm at work and doing my best.

i can't express how much i adore and will miss my Brilliant Friend Missy and her husband, Dr. Dan who had to be all doctor-y and get a teaching position on the east coast now that he's gotten his big ole' fancy Ph.D. from stanford.

show off.

anyway, Missy is, among other things, a very creative artist and has requested that i post this here.

as republished from craigslist:

Hello... I am an artist who has been working in San Francisco for the past few years. I've loved every minute here, but I will be moving to the East Coast in just 3 weeks. I would really appreciate your help with one more piece. Please, help me say goodbye.

Call this number: [deleted 8-7-05, thanks for the help!]

When the answering machine picks up, tell me what you would miss most if you had to move away from San Francisco. If you'd like, wish me good luck in Philadelphia.

We may not know each other, but we've shared this city. I would like to have my final project here be a group effort, too. Thank you.


  1. I for one say welcome to the City of Brother and Sisterly LOVE. Philly is terrific. Home of Cheesesteaks, soft pretzels, the Art Museum, South Street the Eagles and much more. Again, Welcome!

  2. I also welcome your friend. Philly is awesome. Don't let all the crazy sports fans scare you away!

  3. Awwww, that stinks. Just tell her not to turn into a Philly Phanatic. :D

  4. Hi...

    Please call. Please. I only have 6 messages (and they are all fantastic) and I need so, so, so many more.



    (I'm not sure about the "brilliant", but the "Missy" sounds about right)

  5. can i call even if i don't live in san francisco? or philadelphia? and haven't even visited either of tthm? and don't actually know anything about either of them? well, i know a very very tiny amount about s.f. so i would probably blab about everything i know about it and my message would still be under two minutes...

    so can i call?

  6. I lived in South Philly and loved it...

  7. I called, and I am land-locked in TN!

  8. Never lived in SF. Never lived in Philly.

    Didn't want to go back to Philly. DO go want to go back to SF.
    Imho, it's one of the 4 cities in the USA with character (the other three being NYC, New Orleans and Boston)

    And yes, of course you'll miss K.


  9. Just wanted to let you know that if you click the link, it says "This posting has been deleted".

    Would craigslist remove it because it has a phone number?

    That's too bad, its a great idea!

  10. It's always a sad time when friends move away but look at it this'll have a free place to go on vacation!

  11. Hi Claire!

    Sure, that link is deleted, but that was my doing, not Craigs! I keep deleting and reposting it so it doesn't get buried 3 pages down.

    Thanks for thinking it's a great idea though. :)

  12. Missy: I've been living outside of Philly for over a year now. Not so bad... Enjoy it!

    K: You're going to have to visit her and have an IIF partay while there. That way you can have all your East Coast IIFs become just regular Fs.

  13. Missy -- I tired to call, but no answering machine picked up! I want to leave you a message!

  14. Thanks! This went really well and I really appreciate the effort made by those of you who called me. I, quite literally, couldn't have done it without you.


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