obsess much?

i went back. for the third time today.

the fifth quart of paint is looking promising. it's still not quite what i pictured, but you know, it's close enough.

(plus i couldn't get any work done while i was busy obsessing. all better now.)


  1. How they lure us in. I mean who could resist a paint called 'Miami'? I decorated the living room in a shade called 'Mashed Potato', mainly so I could go to the paint shop and say "A gallon of your finest Mashed Potato, young man."

  2. Nobody obsesses over paint colors more than I do. I usually spend about 6 months with chips--taping them on the walls in different locations--before deciding on a color. If I say "Maybe we should paint that wall..." there is suddenly a husband-shaped hole in the wall as he runs screaming.

  3. Hello.. color theory teacher here... why didn't you ask for my help? I will be at Swig tomorrow night if you want to show me your color chips. (I'll show you mine if you show me yours, ba-dum.)

  4. girl, that paint color has got to be just right, or at least close enough to just right that you don't know it isn't just right.

    From one obsessive person to another, little cans o paint and little swatch areas save time, money and sweat.

  5. girlfriend, wtf?
    i hate painting, and can't imagine doing it over so many times.
    I hope that's a small hallway, and I applaud your persistence.

    (it sounds better calling it persistence than obsessing, no?)

  6. oh, no no. i did not paint the entire hallway five times.

    i painted a small section 4 times. i'm not COMPLETELY crazy.

    and the fifth time IS the charm. we're all good now.

    MeJane -- because i would have gone to the store with you and explained, soundly and stubbornly, why Aaron's Freckles is completely the perfect color for what i want to achieve. issues.

  7. That will teach me to read posts in chronological order! I totally missed that you had resolved the paint dillemma.

  8. Me too.

    I am glad you went back! I am also glad that I now no someone who painted one wall more times than I did. Excellent!

  9. I love painting. :) My room is "I Love A Parade".

  10. Hi nice person. I read your blog sometimes. You seem to be a nice woman doing her best to live life. I work as a therapist (the head- shrinking kind.) When I was in my thirties I lived the single life in SF and often your stories remind me of times I had.

    I had a boyfriend one time, he was an engineer. Me and engineers were not so great a fit as bf-gf. We lasted one year, exactly. Broke up right after a really disappointing V-Day. The point of this story is to illustrate this -- we were not well-suited. I spent most of the time when I was not with him scouring bookstores for the book that would improve my life, my body, my skills, my lovemaking, you name it. Now, don't get me wrong, I feel very strongly about change in one's life (it's my life's career/calling,) but I guess I just learned that I couldn't force it or will it into my life. The things that I wanted to change I just did (job, relationships, living situation) other things I guess I only thought I wanted to change because I couldn't make those changes stick (weight, working out daily.) I haven't abandoned these ideas for change, I guess I've accepted the idea that change either occurs organically or it doesn't. I'll either do it or I won't. (Unfortunately for me, writing millions of lists to myself and scheduling workouts and paying for yoga nazi personal trainers didn't stick.)

    I don't mean to dampen your self-improving spirits, but guess what, I don't even know you and I bet you are a great kick ass woman all the same. And even if you knit more, do stand up, lose some weight, eat salads every day from your cute little refrigerator, and re-decorate your entire life, you'll still keep being the same absolutely lovable, wonderful being you were before you did any of this other incredible stuff. Enjoy your wonderful self and your wonderful life. (Not saying that you already don't do this, but just take this in the spirit it was intended.)

    Keep it up, Kiki.


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