Monday, Monday

i finally got to see LA, and i will be posting about our weekend soon. we had a great time and had many funny moments and got to spend time with awesome people.

i did not see a single celebrity.

however, i got almost no sleep last night because something i ate (here in SF, i should point out) did NOT agree with me. i was up most of the night in severe discomfort.

technically, i should not be at work today, but i have Important Meetings that i cannot miss so here i am. feeling lousy and tired and being unproductive. and cranky.

* * * * *

i love how in my planetarium post (below), the images that i snagged include the red squiggles underneath the words that MS Word does not recognize. it didn't even occur to me to remove them. oops.

* * * * *

i bought a magazine at Rite Aid last night because the cover insisted that i will lose 37 lbs. by memorial day. probably i have to open the magazine to discover how this will work.

lucky for me and my yet-to-be-read-about, "the fat just falls off" diet, my stomach has informed me i am never eating again anyway.

memorial day, here we come.

* * * * *
dear mother nature:

i'm pretty sure the phrase isn't, "march comes in like a lion and goes out like a VERY WET LION." because that would be a stupid phrase. the metre is all wrong, for one thing. plus also, a month of pouring is no fun for anyone.



  1. "a month of pouring is no fun for anyone".

    Unless you've been pouring wine like I have.

  2. Stupid April showers. They'd BETTER bring May flowers.

  3. hee hee - i was tickled by the image of a VERY WET LION :-)

    stupid stupid rain.

  4. it came in like a lion and went out like a stinky wet dog...

  5. When did SF become Seattle? ugh. I NEED SUN SHINEEEEE!

  6. I've tried the Stomach Flu Diet, which is a close relative of the Food Poisoning Diet, and found that it was very effective. Except that somehow in my head my 2 days of Stomach Flu Diet justified 2 weeks of I Didn't Eat Anything Because of Stomach Flu And Therefore These Fried/Chocolate/Crunchy/Sweet/Sauce-Laden Food Items Are Perfectly Acceptable Fare Diet. That didn't work out so well. I figured I would have been better off without the whole experience...

  7. awww, sorry to hear about your stomach.

  8. Ericha2@comcast.net12:44 PM, April 04, 2006

    I started my weight loss with a stomach bug diet and continued with the "lower- carb-higher-protein-good-fats-wanna-be-south-beach-diet".

    Approx. 4 months, weight lost = 21.5 lbs.
    Inches lost = 18

    So, in consolation of your unhappy tummy, use it as a catalyst to your Memorial Day goal.

    Hope your tummy feels better soon!


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