Hey, You Guys Know Stuff...

...so my sister and i were thinking that it would be fun to play games against each other over the internet. (you're familiar with this internet thing, no?)

but all the sites we've found so far are annoying. we're not into role-playing games, we're just looking for fun trivia games and the like. it seems like there's got to be a place where you can pick your opponents and compete in real time, probably with other people as well, right?

[ex. i love playing yahoo graffiti -- that set-up would be ideal.]

any ideas or secret online locales i'm missing? i know of yahoo games and uproar and pogo and have tried all the basic google searching...surely there must be something?

thanks in advance!


  1. you gotta at least TRY inklink.

    hours of online fun with your IFFs


  2. Have you tried http://www.funtrivia.com/

    You can form teams to compete against other teams or play live tournaments against others...

  3. Did you ever get into Pictionary? You can now play that on-line at pictionary.com. Of course the drawing part is very challenging but that's 90% of the fun.

  4. my friends and i used to play scrabble on yahoo all the time. can you not do that anymore? I've been looking forward to this summer when we can start that up again! :)

  5. Yahoo Literati. It's internet scrabble. The best. Just make the table private when you want to play sis. It's an addiction, I swear.

  6. Yahoo Word Racer is my personal addiction

  7. What Erin said. I, and some friends, were addicted to real-time Scrabble (and other games) on games.com for a while. You can set up your own game room with players of your choice.

    Prepare to be fired from your job. Hee.


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