My Love Waits There

Pt. XX

Was I really going to move to San Francisco without knowing anything about it? Without knowing anyone there?

Yes. If that’s how it had to be.

But so help me if I wasn’t going to TRY and figure some stuff out before I got there. That’s what the Internet is for, right? I figured I could go online and try to find friends -- guys, girls, anyone, SOMEONE I could get alone with, SOMEONE to know in the city.

I started by re-posting that personal ad I’d put up with David.

I just changed my City, State to be San Francisco, CA.

And you know? That was kind of exciting. It was the first step in making SF my home.

* * * * * *

On July 31, 2001 I sent a message to a quirky looking bald-headed man who seemed to be smart and funny and super casual. His ad had a sense about it that suggested he'd be okay with being just friends if that's how things played out.

God, I needed a friend.

I remember, among other things, that he claimed to like to take naps. Which is why his personals name was "SnoozeBoy."

You might know him better as El_Gallo.


  1. And it comes around full circle. This is truly amazing...

  2. I love the end coming back to the beginning! WOW girl! I missed the posts this weekend, so just now caught up. Thank you, and as always much love from this Seattle IIF

  3. was waiting for him to show up ; )

  4. I think you have an amazing ability to encapsulate the times in your life. It's brave to put it all on the internet, but obviously not the bravest thing you've done.

  5. This was an incredibly brave series of entries. It inspired me to start looking at some painful periods in my life that I've avoided thinking about because they were so painful. It's possible that some of my problems with writer's block stem from avoiding facing unpleasant realities in my past. It's time to stop avoiding them and start writing about them.

    Sharing them with the world... I'm not so sure about that just yet. But thank you for doing it.

  6. I caught myself thinking...

    "Oh, Thank God she's met El_G. She's safe now.."

  7. My internet world is starting to get comprehensible. When you got to El_G, I felt a sigh. Two internet communities in my mind, which I've always understood were connected, lost the last vestiges of their separateness and became one big space where I can walk safely from neighborhood to neighborhood, waving hello to IIF's sitting on their respective porches--"Hey, Kiki, Ish, El_G. and MeJane"; "How's it goin', Serre, Risey P?" and nods to all the hangers-on, (infinite others just like me). Knowing some of their secrets. Loving them, not in spite of their foibles, but because of them. Knowing that it's okay to be myself because they're doing it and they have made it okay for me to do that, too. A world away, but ever in my heart. I love you, K. Thanks.


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