Magic Wand

i think i can finally express what writing this is like.

it's like i'm putting these memories into Dumbledore's Pensieve.


  1. ohhhh nice harry potter reference :)

  2. it's beautiful, k. heartbreaking. and above all, very very real.

  3. That's an amazing analogy. I have no idea what it means. :p

  4. Couple-month lurker here. I loved your blog before, but now that you've made a reference to Harry Potter, I absolutely phantasmagorically am IN LOVE with your blog. I knew you were awesome, but that takes you to a whole new level.

  5. So true!!! K, I know this is weird coming from someone you do not know, but I'm so proud of you for writing all this. It has to be excruciating. My heart breaks for all that you've been through.

  6. You are such a dork. But I mean that in an endearing way, so pretend you heard it from someone you know well so it sounds more like gentle teasing than harsh online writing from someone you don't know at ALL.

    And yes, I do love your blog enough to read every one of your archived entries.

    Your Divorce Chronicles are ALMOST making me cry...and I hardly ever cry. So brava.


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